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This Wimpy Wonderland Island Walkthrough takes you to an island that is based on the popular book and movie series, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. On this island there is a snow day that everyone is enjoying except for one person, Greg Heffley. Why you ask? Because his brother, Manny, has gone missing and it is his job to find him. All you need to do is help him do that.

Check out the video below for any walkthrough questions!  There is a written guide below too!

Ask the man below the balloon “where do you think he might be?”  Follow the man to the left until you get to the first house.  Go inside and upstairs to the bedroom.  Here you’ll find an address book.  In the other bedroom you’ll find a page from Greg’s journal.

Now enter the door that says Manny’s Room on it.  Exit the room through the window and walk to your left until you see the guy standing in front of a car.  Ask him which way did they go?  Walk to the left until you see then next house, go inside.

Ask the lady inside if she can help you look for him.  She says if you shovel her driveway, she will drive you around to look for him.  Walk to the right until you see this building.  Jump up into the tree to the left and you’ll knock down a carrot.

Keep walking to the right until you see a see-saw.  You need to push the trash can onto the left side of the see-saw.  Then climb up to the top of the pine tree and jump onto the right side of the see-saw.

The trash can should now be on the ledge of the building.  Push it all the way to the left until you can jump up and enter the school through this window.

When you get into the school, Manny will run downstairs and get away.  Go downstairs and click on this locker.

The code for the locker is 9-37-15.  Inside of it you’ll find the Twisted Wizard game guide.  Exit the school through the door to your right and keep walking right until you run into the Whirley Street Kids.

Run forward to pick up the shovel then turn around and run back to the left.  Keep going until you get to the lady’s house..  Take out your shovel and follow the directions on how to shovel the driveway.

After you shovel her driveway, she leaves to go catch the earlybird game.  She tricked you!  Run to the right until you get to the Leisure Towers building.  Jump up the ledges all the way up to the 33rd floor!  Watch out for the old people opening their windows, they will knock you down.  Enter apartment 33C through the window.

Click on the sleeping old man and ask him where Manny is.  He says he’ll tell you over lunch.  The old man will talk your ear off as you try to eat your salad.  You have to keep clicking as fast as you can while he talks to keep your food down.

He tells you he saw Manny on the building’s security camera and that he’s out in front of the building right now!  Exit the old man’s apartment through the door then take the elevator to the lobby floor, the button that says L.  Walk to the left when you get out of the elevator.

When you get out of the building run to the left and go back inside Manny’s house.  Ask his brother if he’s gonna go back out there.  He wants help beating a level in a video game.  Take out the Twisted Wizard game guide and give it to him.  He beats the level and gives you the Twisted Wizard game to return to Rowley.

Exit the house and walk to your left until you see a house with a kid in the window.  This is Rowley.  Jump on top of the car in the driveway to set off the alarm.  Hide in the bushes by the front door and his dad will walk outside.  Enter the front door when the dad walks to the right.

You’ll give him his video game and he gives you a Joshie Fan Club Membership Card in return.  Exit Rowley’s house and run to the right, back to Manny’s house.  Enter his house and walk to the left.  Use the Joshie Fan Club membership card to open the door to the laundry room.

Examine the fuse box on the wall and click on the switch to Rodrick’s room.  He’ll leave the house after his power gets shut off.  Go into his room and you’ll pick up a dog dish.  Then exit the house and go into the garage.  Click on the leaf blower hanging on the wall to pick it up.

Then leave the garage and walk to the left until you see a snowman.  Use the leaf blower to blow the snow away.  The kid inside of the snowman will give you a Bingo Troll as a reward for saving him.

Run back to the right until you get to Leisure Towers.  Go inside to the bingo area and take out your Bingo Troll.  Follow the instructions and mark your cards when you see a number roll along the top line.

After you get bingo you’ll win a Soothing Sounds Classical Music CD.  Exit Leisure Towers and run to the left until you get to the Fast Mart.  Go inside and take out the Soothing Sounds CD.  Turn the volume all the way up and the teens will leave from outside of the store.

The store owner will give you a bottle of No-Freez Wiper Fluid for your help.  Exit the store and run to the right until you see the guy standing by the snow plow truck.  Take out the No-Freez wiper fluid.

He says he needs exactly 4 liters of wiper fluid.  Pour 3 liters into the dog bowl, then pour that into the white cup.  Then pour 3 more liters into the dog bowl which will leave 4 liters in the bottle.

Go back to Manny’s house and open the window shades behind Greg playing video games.  He says Manny is probably looking for is blanket.  Walk outside and Manny drives by in the snow plow.

Follow the plow to the left and go inside the Laundromat.  You’ll find Manny sitting in the corner of the Laundromat.  Greg shows up and says you have to get him home before their mom gets home.

Walk outside with them and you’ll run into the Whirley Street Kids on the way back to the house.  Push the snowball down the hill to clear the kids out of the way.  Now all you have to do is steer the sled around obstacles to get back to the house.

You get home just in time and Greg will give you the Wimpy Wonderland Island Medallion.  You did it!

I hope my walkthrough of Wimpy Wonderland Island helped you!

  1. I don’t understand how to get in Rowleys house while his dad is outside. Please help!!

    • When his dad walks to the right and u are hiding behind the bushes go put the mouse over the door and their should be a finger and click and thats how you get inside rowleys house

    • Jump on Rowley’s dad’s car and then hide in the bushes near the door. Once Rowley’s dad goes to check on the car, go through the door.

    • Ok so, you have to jump on the dad’s car then hide in the left bush of their house. Then, you can go into there house.

    • I can give you a cheat for 100,000 credits and 1 year member

    • girl just hide in bushes and um wait till he is bye the car then run inside but you dont have to cause he wont be outside when you out there

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  12. when you are going up the leisure towers to floor 33c you could go on the very edge of the c tower for no problem getting to 33c with only few or no hits at all

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