Wimpy Boardwalk Island Walkthrough & Secrets – Poptropica Cheats

The Wimpy Boardwalk Island Walkthrough adventure has you cleaning up the mess of Greg and Rowley. They are on summer vacation and decide to visit the boardwalk for some sun and fun. They never thought about what they would run into though. Stealing teens, crazy seagulls, and un-trusting carnies are all in the mix for them!

Your goal is to clean up their mess. There is some fun invloved though. You get to play a mini game where you need to beat Greg’s high score to get rid of the message attached to his name. Do you have what it takes to clean up Greg’s mess and get on the top of the arcade game high score list?!

Watch the Wimpy Boardwalk Island walkthrough below for any cheats or help you may need!

When you start Wimpy Boardwalk Island, you’ll see Greg’s twenty dollars blow away and get picked up by the teenagers.  They run off with it and it’s your job to help get it back.  Run to the left until you see the guy with the remote control helicopter.

He tells you he wants one of the big prizes from the carnival.  Now jump up onto the Cranium Shaker to pick up the garbage bin lid.  Drop down and put the lid on the trash bin to your left.  Dig through the trash and you’ll find an empty bag of popcorn.

Get a free popcorn refill from the guy under the Cranium Shaker.  Now run to the left until you pick up a token in the parking lot.  Enter the Fun House and you’ll pick up another token.  Exit the Fun House and then enter it again to pick up another token!

Climb up the ladder and walk to the right, you’ll find another token over by the mirrors.  Exit the Fun House then enter again.  Go back up by the mirrors again to pick up another token.  Do this trick again to find a third coin by the mirrors.

Leave the Fun House and go back in one more time.  You’ll find a token at the top of the ladder.  You should have 7 tokens now.  Exit the Fun House and run to the right until you get to the Fastball Fury carnival game.

The Fastball Fury game’s rules are kinda weird.  All you have to do is click on the glove to throw the ball and pay attention to the speeds of your first two pitches.  Then you have to guess the speed of your third pitch.  If you guess correctly, he’ll give you a prize.

After you win, move over to the Circus Soaker game to your right.  Hold down the button on your mouse and aim the stream of water into the clowns mouth.  This game is pretty easy so you should win with no problem.  The carnie will give you a prize after you win the Circus Soaker game.

Now play the Space Fling game to your right.  Hold your mouse button down to hang onto the ring then move your mouse up and let go of the button to throw the ring.  This game might take a few tries, it’s difficult to aim the rings.  After you win the Space Fling game, you’ll get another prize.

Keep walking to the right and play the Pirate Panic game.  Click on the ball and hold the button down to hang onto it.  Then move your mouse forward and let go of the ball to knock over the bottles.  You’ll win another prize after you complete the Pirate Panic game.

Now run to the right until you see the Souvenir Keychain Photo guy.  Tell him you don’t have any money.  He says you seem nice and gives you some sunblock to keep you from getting sunburn.

Keep going to the right until you see the hairy, shirtless man sitting on the beach.  Take out the sun block and give it to him.  He gives you some oily suntan lotion in exchange.  Walk over to the left and dump out your bag of popcorn next to the lady with the purple umbrella.

The seagulls will come and scare her away.  Pick up your popcorn bag and run to the left.  The teenagers are hiding under the dock tricking people with the twenty dollars.  Run back to the right and jump on top of the first trash can you see.  Jump up and grab the keychain picture from the seagull.

After you pick up the keychain picture, take it out and give it to the guy with the metal detector.  He gives you his metal detector as a reward.  Walk to the right over by the purple umbrella and towel.

Take out the metal detector and move it over the top of the towel.  You’ll find a set of car keys there.  Run back to the left up onto the boardwalk.  Keep going until you get to the parking lot.  You’ll see the lady standing there by a red car.

Take out the car keys and give them to her.  She gives you a pair of flip flops in return.  Run back to the right until you get to the Tee Time shirt store.  Put on the flip flops and jump up on top of the store to pick up the flying disc.

Drop down and give the disc to the crying kid.  He tells you that if you jiggle the handle on the claw game, you get a free game.  Walk over to the left and play the claw game.  Move the joystick left and right quickly to get a free play.

You need to pick up the green pile of fake vomit with the claw.  Once you win the fake vomit, run to the left until you get to the bumper cars track.  Take out the fake vomit near the line to clear things out.  Talk to the carnie and he’ll tell you it’s your turn.

Try to ram Rowley’s red car to make him drop the rabbit’s foot.  Keep hitting him until he drops he rabbit’s foot then drive over it to pick it up.  Get out of the bumper cars and run to the right until you get to the Himalayan Hurl carnival game.

This game is based pretty much entirely on luck.  Click anywhere on the board and hope that the ping pong ball goes in the red hole.  You usually win first try though.  The carnie will give you a prize after you win the Himalayan Hurl.

He also awards you a jumbo prize since you’ve won every carnival game on the island.  Run to the left over to the guy with the remote control helicopter and take out the jumbo prize.  He gives you the helicopter in return for the prize.

Run to the left and enter the Fun House.  Climb up the ladder and take out the oily suntan lotion.  The kid will slide down the slide and his mom will give you his leftover fish sticks as a reward.

Exit the Fun House and run all the way to the right until you get to the water.  Take out the fishsticks and then take out the helicopter to fish with them.  Hover the helicopter above where the water meets the sand.  You’ll catch a red crab.

Head back to the left until you see Greg standing on the boardwalk.  Take out the helicopter with the crab on it and fly it over to the money sticking out of the boardwalk.

The crab will grab onto the money and won’t let go.  Run to the right to catch the teenagers under the dock!  They run away and the money falls down.  Greg’s parents show up to bring him home.  He awards you the Wimpy Boardwalk Island Medallion for helping him.  Way to go!

That was a pretty fun island adventure huh? You got to make your way through all of the areas of the island mentioned below.

  • Fun House
  • Boardwalk Rides
  • Boardwalk Games
  • Boardwalk Arcade
  • The Beach
  • Under Boardwalk

I hope the walkthrough helped you! Come back when you are ready to continue the Poptropica Island adventures.


    • at the beach you have to get a metal detector and use it


    • there in the fun house and the parking lot and under the trush can also at the beach. Hope that help you.

  2. i have already completed it without cheats. it was REALLY easy!!

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  6. i dont know how to take the trash things top … i will still comment if take it

    • drag it to the cotton candy then take it off

  7. help I can’t open the trash can. it says that i shouldn’t take the lid off there.

  8. you are supposed to move it to the cotton candy place then open it

  9. I only got 5 tokens instead of 7! PLEASE TELL ME WHY!!?? 🙁

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