Wild West Island Walkthrough – Poptropica Cheats

Wild West Island of Poptropica is just like it sounds! It takes place in the Wild West. You will be playing mini games like having a shoot out on a moving train. So what exactly is the goal or how do you beat Wild West Island? Well there is an outlaw who calls himself Mustachio Grande. Him and his gang terrorize and cause problems on the island and you need to fix it!

I will get you started on the written walkhrough and then you will have to watch the video for the rest!

When you first get to the island, go right until you get to a horse stable where a guy is trying his best to control a horse that is being wild.

Talk to the cowboy controlling the horse. Now you will have to try to tame the horse yourself by riding it. This might take a few times but you will get it! If you ever lose Elmer, your horse, use the horse whistle that you will receive to find him!

Now watch the video walkthrough of Wild West Island for the rest!

Walk to the right and talk to the person on the horse and ask them if you can help. She’ll tell you that you need a horse of your own to help. Keep walking to right until you see the rancher standing next to a horse.

Tell the rancher you bet you can tame her. He says if you can tame the horse, you can have it. Now you have to complete the Buckin Bronco challenge. Try to keep your cursor aligned with the moving one to stay on the horse. This can be somewhat difficult so it may take you a couple tries.

After you complete the challenge, the rancher will give you the horse as a reward. He also gives you a whistle to call the horse back if he runs away. Get on the horse and ride to the left until you see the girl on the horse from earlier. Ask her if you can help deliver the letter.

She gives you a letter to deliver to Marshal Taylor in Diamond Plains. Ride your horse to the left to leave town. Click on the map in the upper right corner to see where Diamond Plains is located. Ride over to the first yellow star near that location.

Get off your horse and enter the Marshal’s building. The deputy tells you that Marshal Taylor is not in the office and that you should check the saloon. Walk to your right until you see the Saloon then go inside. Walk over to the guys in the right side of the saloon and ask them where to find Marshal Taylor.

They’ll tell you they are the in middle of a game where they see who can spit their gum the farthest. To play the game, aim your gum with the arrow, then click and hold the mouse to build up power. Release your mouse button to spit out your gum. You have to aim almost straight up in the air in order to get your gum in the spitoon.

After you win the game, they’ll tell you Marshal Taylor is sleeping over to your left. Click on him to wake him up and give him the letter. He asks you to read him the letter and it says there is a bank robbery happeneing. The Marshal says he can’t help and that his days as Marshal are over.

He gives you his badge and then tells you to go take down the Mustachio ang. Exit the saloon and get back on your horse. Exit Diamond Plains and head to the yellow star in the top left of the map near Dusty Gulch. Dismount from your horse and get your portrait taken at the green wagon.

You have to hold the camera frame still in order to get a good picture. Once you get your picture taken, get back on your horse and head back to the Marshal’s office in Diamond Plains. Click on the deputy and tell him you have the Marshal’s badge. He tells you that you need a portrait so take yours out to give to him. Walk over to the glass cabinet to your right to pick up the pea shooter.

The ground starts shaking and the Mustachio Gang appears in the jail cell. They have broken out the wall and you must stop them. Exit the marshal’s office and follow the gang on their horses. They will enter a railroad tunnel and escape.

Look at your map and head to the yellow star to the left of the Dos Cactos town. Click on the guy in the white cowboy hat and tell him you want to enter to shooting contest. Shoot as many targets as you can and beat your first opponent’s score. Your next opponent is a young kid. He’s not a very good shot either so he should be pretty easy to beat.

Your opponent in the third round is a gunslinger but he’s still not much of a challenge. The fourth round is an old gunslinger who isn’t much better than the third guy. Finally, you have to play against Annie Oakley who is a bit more difficult but still no match for you.

After you beat Annie Oakley, she gives you a spud gun as a reward. Once she gives you the gun, climb up the mountain to your right and enter the Casino at the top. Climb up the stairs to your right and talk to the man upstairs.

He asks you to play a game called Slap-Jack. Click on the pile whenever you see a Jack. The goal is to collect all of the cards to win. Once you win the game, the guy will give you a map to find some gold. Exit the casino and walk to your right.

Talk to the guy with the red hair and ask him if there’s anything you can do. He says he needs a rare blue tulip and that it grows in dark moist areas. Walk to your left to get on your horse and exit the town. Head to the yellow star to the left of Rock Ridge on your map. Get off your horse and ask the guy by the cows if you can help.

He gives you a lasso and tells you to find one of his cows. Get back on your horse and follow the cow tracks up and to your left. Chase the cow doen on your horse and click on it to catch it with the lasso. Pull the cow to the ranch at the bottom of your map and through the front gate. Now head back to Rock Ridge and talk to the rancher that gave you the lasso.

The rancher gives you an old addle as a reward and then tells you there are five more cattle that are lost. Walk to your right and talk to the guy outside of the door with the money sign on it. Tell him you’re the marshal.

He tells you El Moustachio is on his way to rob the bank and you need to go stop him! Get on your horse and head to the left. You’ll find all five of the missing cattle in this area. Guide them all back to the ranch then go talk to the rancher who told you to find them. He’ll give you a rattlesnake warrior costume as a reward. Get back on your horse and ride to the yellow star to the left of Dusty Gulch.

Ride to the right until you get to the trading post. Go inside and jump up the shelves to talk to the guy on the top level. Ask what he will trade for the saddle. Tell him you’ll take the gold pan then exit the trading post and get back on your horse. Exit the town by going to the left.

Head to the yellow star in the center of the right side of the map where the two rivers connect. Move your pan above the sparkling areas and click to fill it with dirt. Move it from side to side to pan through the gold. I found a gold nugget by clicking on the sparkling area in the upper right side.

Get back on your horse and ride to the star on the right side of Dusty Gulch. Get off your horse and enter the trading post again. Go upstairs and tell the trader that you want to take back the gold pan. He will give you an oil can in exchange. Exit the trading post and get back on your horse. Head over to the yellow star to the left od Diamond Plains.

Ride over to the right and get off your horse in front of the building that is under construction. Climb up and enter the building from the hanging platform. Push the crate over to the right side of the room to jump up on the wooden platform. Click on the rope to cut it and make the red beam fall to the ground. Keep moving to the right and push the last crate over so it’s under the ladder.

Jump on top of the crate to climb up the ladder. Jump across the gap to the left onto the small wooden platform. Jump to the left again and click on the rope to cut it. Keep traveling to the left until you get to the large gold gears. Take out your oil to lubricate the gears. Click on all of the dark colored gears in the middle until they are gold again.
Once the gears are turning, exit the building the same way you came in then get back on your horse and exit the town. Travel to the yellow star to the left of Rock Ridge. Click on the guy in front of the R.J. Earls trailer and take out your gold nugget. He gives you one of each of his tonics in exchange.

Now ride up to the star to the right of Diamond Plains. Dismount your horse and take the train to Dos Cactos. There is a train robbery while you are on your trip. You must shoot the bandits to keep them from robbing the train. Press the spacebar to slow down time and make shooting easier.

Once you get off the train, ask the guy with the red hair if there is anything you can do. He still wants the blue tulip. Take the train down to Rock Ridge. Walk to your right and climb up the hanging rope. Click on the golden owl with the key around its neck. You’ll throw something at it to knock the canary key down.

Walk to the right over to the locked door and take out the canary key to open it. Once you are inside of the mine shaft, walk to your right and hop into the cart. Use your cursor to direct the cart down the tracks and shoot at any bats in your way. Take the cart all the way down the tracks until you stop at the end.

Get out of the cart and you’ll see the blue tulip at the top of the hill. Click on it to pick it up then there will be an earthquake. You’ll have to climb up the rope to get out of the mineshaft.

Once you are out of the mine shaft, walk to the right and talk to the guy with the moustache who is crying. He’ll tell you that you’re too late and give you half of the map to the bandit’s hideout. Leave town and ride over to the star that is to the left of Dos Cactos.

Dismount and climb up the mountain to get up to the casino. Walk past the casino and over to the red haired guy. Take out the blue tulip and give it to him. He will give you the rest of the map to the bandit’s hideout. Get back on your horse and exit the town.

Ride over to the yellow star on the lower left side of your map. Get off your horse and take out the R.J. Earl’s Tonic, click on the gold circle on the left to take the invisible potion. Now run to your right and go through the green door.

The next challenge is a shootout game where you have to shoot the bandit’s hiding spots to get them to come out. Then shoot them with the spud gun to stun them. You can use the spacebar just like you did on the train.

After you stun most of the bandits, Moustachio flees on his horse. Get on your horse and follow him! Eventually he’ll stop, throw your lasso at him and slowly drag him back to the star near Diamond Plains. You’ll bring him to the jail and be rewarded the Wild West Island Medallion!  Way to go!

I hope the video helped you get through the island! Leave a comment about what you thought!

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