Virus Hunter Island Walkthrough & Cheats – Poptropica

Virus Hunter Island is now available! Below you will find the full virus hunter island cheats walkthrough written by yours truly SkyBoy303!

Virus Hunter Full Walkthrough – Written Guide:

  1. First you need to login to poptropica and click on the new island “virus hunter island.”
  2. Next you go to the globochem building on the left side.  You won’t be able to go upstairs inside of globochem YET.
  3. You will see the person on the top of the globochem building.
  4. Go to the right side of the level, you need to go to the area to the right.
  5. It can be hard since there is only a little space that lets you go to the next area.
  6. So put your mouse on the farthest right side of the screen and when it changes the cursor you can click.
  7. Go to the fitness store and click on the colored bands and click on them. They will break and you will get the resistance band.
  8. Go back to the globochem and climb the tree to the right side.
  9. When in the birds nest use the band to latch onto the hook.
  10. Then use it to climb to the top of the building and talk to the guy on top of the building.
  11. Now you need to go to the left and go to the new area.
  12. For the next part of the poptropica cheats you need to talk to the guy in the pizza delivery truck and he will drive off.
  13. When he drives off he will leave shredded documents behind which you need to pick up.
  14. Go back to the globochem building and talk to the guy on the roof
  15. You will need to put the shredded documents back together, it might just be the blue but try both the blue and tan piece of paper.
  16. Once you complete it he will give you the PDC badge.
  17. Before that you need to go to the video store.  The lady working will see your badge and let you go into the elevator taking you downstairs.
  18. Be sure to hit the red button on the poptropica elevator.  This will take you to the Poptropica Disease Center aka the PDC.
  19. Once you get to the bottom, check in with doctor lange.
  20.  Watch the video about cc13 influenza. After she will give you a camera and dosier which you will need.
  21. You now need to find patient zero. The dosier gives you the information about patient zero.
  22. Next up in the how to beat virus hunter island guide you need to go back into the elevator and then go back to the recycling bin by knaves landing apartments.
  23. Pick up both the letter and the postcard to “joe stockman” at the same time (click them both or you won’t be able to move on)
  24. Go back to the falafel lunch stand and talk to the guy working.
  25. He will run off to globalchem to deliver a lunch, you need to follow him. You can now go upstairs at globochem.
  26. Go to the top left room and take a picture of the guy with the disease (joe stockman)
  27. Now you need to go back and talk to dr lange, then follow him through the doorway.
  28. You will be shrunk to a nano sized scientist and be able to go into joe’s body on poptropica
  29. Click on the machine and select the tool you want to use and hit space bar to use the tools like the electro one.
  30. Then you need to select the Coagulant tool and use spacebar to shoot. Pro-Tip: Shoot the red blood cells to help make your gun stronger
  31. Finish the level walkthrough and you will be ready for the main mission
  32. During the main mission kill all the viruses and then go through the hole in the wall (pictured below)
  33. Now you can choose where to go in the body and you need to select the hand
  34. While there some viruses will steal all your vehicles parts and weapons, then you need to go on a scavenger hunt to find them
  35. You can choose your destinations, you can go back to the stomach and see him drinking something purple.
  36. Once he’s doing that you need to go up his throat.
  37. When you get into his throat, you will need to exit or get out of your machine/vehicle
  38. Now you will see bubbles and you can jump on top on them.  Do this and you can ride it all the way to his mouth.
  39. Once you get into the mouth go all the way right by his teeth and you will find the first part of your machine. Click on it to pick it up.
  40. Go back to your machine and click on it, it will be added to the vehicle. You will be taken back to the stomach.
  41. Now you can go all the way down to the left, through another opening.  This is the intestines.
  42. When there is food blocking the way, just shoot it to get rid of it.
  43. Then keep following the intestines all the way around. NOTE: Be careful of the dripping green stuff, it can hurt your vehicle.
  44. You will now have to battle a HUGE virus.  When he shoots his spike tentacles at you shoot them.
  45. After you beat him you will get your laser.  After getting it exit out to the right and go into the heart.
  46. Now you will have to battle another huge “boss”.  To battle this boss when his tentacles aren’t pointing at you, you need to take your laser spear and drive it right into the viruses stomach. Only do it for a couple seconds then retreat.  If you stay to long he will catch you.
  47. After beating him go back to the hand and heal the hemorrhages using your green shots (there are 4 you need to heal)
  48. Then go to the arm and heal the hemorrhages (there are 6 in the arm) there with the green shooting thing
  49. Then you will need to use the laser on the tissue calcification aka calcium build up at the bottom.
  50. After doing that you will be attacked by the viruses,
  51. To beat this you need to heal the 3 hemorrhages with the green gun and use the laser to seal the 2 openings where the viruses are coming from.
  52. A good idea is to kill the virus spawn points using your laser first, then doing the above.
  53. Then exit the arm and go to the brain and go to the left to heal the hemorrhage.
  54. Once you do that a glowing “neurotrasmitter” with appear and then you use the lightbulb weapon to move the large veins.
  55. You then connect the circular ends to each other so the electricity or “glow” connects to the vein he is touching.
  56. When you do this it will be killed off. (watch the virus hunter island cheats video for a better walkthrough of how this works)
  57. After beating that boss you go back to the “body map” where you can choose what part of the body to go to.
  58. Then go to the mouth and take your laser out, and go under the teeth into the gum.
  59. You will see a spikey tooth sticking out in the wrong place down there and you will need to use your laser to remove it, basically like a cavity.
  60. Now go back to the heart and use the electricity lightblub to open the pathways (zap the veins and the pathways will open up)
  61. You will find another boss virus. Shoot him as he goes around destroying the blue and red spotted parts of the body.
  62. After you beat this final virus hunter island boss you will be sneezed out of the infected body.
  63. The doctor will come back into the room and award you with the virus hunter island medallion for saving the world and beating the level.


Hopefully this guide isn’t too confusing and helps you beat the level quick and easy.

Poptropica Video Cheats Guide:


Questions about Virus Hunter Island

Here are some of the questions our readers have written us about the newest poptropica level:

When will virus hunter island be available to everyone or released to public? This hasn’t been verified yet but check back often for the update

How to complete virus hunter island? Follow either the cheats video or walkthrough guide above

How to find the person infected on virus hunter island? You will need to first follow the step laid out above, then go to the top floor in the globochem building.

How to get on the hook in Poptropica Virus island? Go to the gym and grab the colored workout band from the equipment.


Old Post Content Below: Hey everyone! IF you are wondering how to beat virus hunter island you have come to far haha, look above for all of our walkthroughs. If you want to see some of the history of the island you can keep reading.

It looks like the theme of the new island will be inside of the human body.  There have been a few images released of Virus Hunter Island and the screenshots look like you’ll be exploring the human body on a microscopic level. UPDATE: Virus hunter island is going to be released this week on poptropica! Be sure to check back often as we will be updating this page with the full virus hunter island cheats guide as soon as the new island is available! Here are some of the new characters from Virus Hunter Island! Your Poptropica character will have an enclosed vehicle to safely travel through the human body. Here’s a shot of the stomach that you’ll be exploring in virus hunter island. You’ll be able to explore everything from the mouth to the muscle under the skin! I wonder what kind of virus you will have to hunt down? I can’t wait to see what else they release about the new island!  Remember to check back here when Virus Hunter Island comes out, we’ll be the first to have a full video walkthrough guide! -SkyBoy303

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