Virus Hunter Island Pandemic Panic: Part 2 of 6

Hey everyone!  They released the second part of the Virus Hunter Pandemic Panic comic series recently on the Creator’s blog.  I guess they think this comic series will hold us over until the new island finally comes out… I suppose it’s better than nothing but it seems like they’re really dragging the release date out.  From the looks of it, I would say that Virus Hunter island won’t be out until school starts.

So anyways, this comic series appears to be the story of a team of researchers looking for the dangerous CC13 virus.  This is the same virus that the new island is based on.  There will probably be more clues as to what will be in the new island revealed in these comics.  Stay tuned and I’ll have the rest of the comics posted as they come out.

Remember to keep checking back for more Virus Hunter island updates.  Poptropica World has the latest news on Virus Hunter island.  I’ll  be sure to post a full written and video walkthrough guide as soon as the new island comes out.  Be the first of your friends to complete the new island!


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