Poptoropica Vampires Curse Island Walkthrough & Cheats

The Vampire’s Curse Island Walkthrough, which you will find above, takes you to an island where for the longest time, there has been a truce between a Vampire who lives at the top of a mountain in a huge castle, and the village below.

Count Bram, the Vampire that lives in the castle, has broken that truce and has captured a young villager named Katya. Your job is to rescue this villager from the evil vampire while at the same time avoiding his evil vampire curse.

Check out the walkthrough for all the cheats and for any help you need getting through the island.

Run to the right to get to Bram’s Castle.  Ask the guy in the woods if he’s going back to rescue her.  Jump up and over to the right then make your way to the right side of the level.  Climb up to the top and climb up the rope.

The werewolf will knock you down to the ground where you can pick up a log.  Run back over to the stairs and jump back up the rope.  Keep climbing up higher using the sticks hanging from the tree.

Click on the bridge post to collapse the bridge then climb up the hanging bridge back to the top.  Go to the right and enter the next doorway.  You’ll find a teen novel in here and a crowbar.  Go back outside.

Keep moving right and take the gutter off of the shed.  Jump on the faucet then pick up the gutter to direct the water into the valley.  Place the gutter so that it keeps sending water to the valley then stand on the handle.

Swim to the right and go through the red doorway.  Use your crowbar to pry the rock free.  Now push both rocks over to the right to clog two of the fountains.  Jump up the tower and push the rock off to the left to clog a third fountain.

Now use the last fountain to boost you up to the green windows.  Enter the broken window.  Take out your log and put it in the fireplace.  Put the teen novel in the fireplace too then jump on the air blower to the left.  Pick up a candle and light it on fire so you can see.

You’ll find a ladder to the right of the fireplace.  Push it all the way over to the left side of the room then climb it to the top.  Jump up and over to the right to light the chandelier full of candles.

Now jump down and grab another candle.  Climb back up the ladder with the lit candle and jump up to the next chandelier.  After you light that one, drop down to grab another candle.  You have to do this four times total.

Drop back down by the fireplace and click on the knight outfit to the left of it.  You’ll find a glass eye inside of there.  Jump up above the fireplace and use the eye on the tiger.  Its mouth will open and the Armory Key will fall out.

Use the armory key to unlock the door on the left side of the room.  Pick up the crossbow on the wall.  Then click on the cannon fuse to shoot it.  Exit the armory and go light another candle by the fireplace.

Take the candle back into the armory to light the cannon fuse again.  Run out and light one more candle to light the cannon again.  Now roll a cannonball out by the fire until it gets hot then push it over to the left past the knight’s uniform.

Walk to the right and use the crowbar on the gold and red door.  Enter the door, drop down and pick up the bucket.  Now enter the red door to your left.  Take out your crossbow and shoot it at the wall to the right.  Use the arrows as steps to jump up the wall.

You’ll pick up a mandrake root up there.  Jump down and head back to the armory.  Jump up where the cannon shot and use your crossbow to make some more arrow steps on the wall.

Jump up the arrow steps to the top of the room.  Take out your crowbar to pry open the blocked window.  Give the plant some water and then exit through the window.  Climb up the vine then enter the window of the tower.

Walk to the right side of the room and click on the red lever to bring the hot bowling ball up.  Pick up his notebook on the desk and the Wilted Wolfsbane to the right of the desk.  Exit through the door in the middle of the room.

Go to the right then jump up to the girl in the cage.  Tell her you’re there to help.  After you talk to her, drop down and exit the door to the left.  Jump off the balcony outside to the left and enter the black doorway.

Make your way back down into the armory and exit through the door.  Push the ladder over to the right side of the fireplace and you’ll find the Root Causes book.  Enter the armory again and make your way back up to Count Bram’s lab.

Click on the microscope on his desk then use the dropper to take some from each of the three ingredients.  You’ve created an anti-vampirism serum!  Exit the lab through the door and go to the right.  Keep going past where the girl was hanging and click on the door on the right.

Carefully pick up the cage key from between the bars.  Jump back up to her cage and use the key to set her free.  You jump up and out the window.  Follow her to the left and take out the garlic when she says so.

Follow her up to the top of the tower and over to the next roof to the right.  Keep following her as she jumps up to the top of the roof.  The vampire turns into a bat and flies at you.  Use the syringe to take him down!

He turns into a mortal again and can join his Annabelle.  The girl’s boyfriend comes to rescue her.  But the best part is, you find the Vampires Curse Island Medallion in his ashes!  Nice work!

  1. where’s the bucket? you didn’t show where to find it, it just APPEARED in your inventory!!!!

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  3. what if pushed the lever in the great hall before you go to the lab?!!!

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  5. Where is the bucket?

  6. And what red door are you talking about after you go back outside?

  7. the canon ball gets to hot to touch as soon as it reaches the fire so how can i push it after that??????????????

  8. hey guys the bucket just appears in your inventory.weird.
    also for ghost story island the creators put a lot of details.i was suprised also who have woozworld tell me your username for woozworld

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