TWO New Poptropica Islands in the Works??

Hey guys!  It’s been over a week since my last post so I thought I should update you with what I’ve seen lately!  Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to find out about the next free membership giveaway that starts today!

Virus Hunter Island

So I’m sure most of you have already heard of Virus Hunter Island, the 35th Poptropica island that is supposed to be released some time this month.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, check out my first post with some pictures and information on the newest island!

Since I made that post, there has been some new information and clues about the storyline to the island.  On the Daily Pop, they have been showing a lot of images of the inside of the human body like these:

Hmm that doesn’t look like it belongs in there!

The most interesting clue I’ve seen so far is this picture of a pile of mail.  Here’s what I think from looking at the different pieces of mail.

  • The mail belongs to a guy named Joe Stockman and he lives on Virus Hunter Island as you can see from  his address.
  • It looks like he won a free trip abroad because of the “You Won!” letter and the letter asking him to rate his trip.
  • This is where I think he got a virus.
  • Another interesting thing to point out is the letter from Globochem.

What is Globochem?  Are they the ones who infected Joe with the virus?  Or are they the ones who are going to help cure him of it?

Take a look at the picture below and tell me what you think in the comments!

Monster Carnival Island?

Some of you long-time Poptropica players may remember a mysterious island that appeared on the map in early 2008.  This island was called Monster Carnival Island and had a “coming soon” sign on it until it vanished from the map.  It was never released.

So anyways, Captain Crawfish posted a picture of a notebook of long forgotten ideas titled “Haunted Amusement Park”.  It’s got a bunch of stuff that would be at the Monster Carnival.  Check out the picture of it below:

Captain Crawfish ends his post by saying

“As we developed it a little more, the “Haunted Amusement Park” took on a slightly different form (and name), but it didn’t end up becoming a real Island. You never know, I guess.”

That sounds like a hint that the 37th map might be Monster Carnival Island!  I’m going to look into this more so expect a full post on it in a couple days.

May Day Membership Giveaway

So in honor of May Day today, we will be giving away a free Poptropica membership!  Since I can’t leave candy on everyone’s doorsteps today, I figured I could at least give away a free membership.  Then I thought about it and one membership just isn’t enough so I’ll be giving away two free memberships this week!

The contest will begin at 6pm this evening (central time) and a winner will be chosen on Sunday.

Check back tonight for the official contest rules and to enter to win!

Good luck everyone!



  1. i want to win the free membership for poptropica if its a number contest i say my number is 125

  2. 333

  3. No, Joe Stockman got the virus when he found the jar that contained the virus in it, and thought it was jam, and smeared it on his French fries. It was told in a comic the creators made.

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