Twisted Thicket Island Walkthrough – Poptropica Cheats

In the Twisted Thicket Island adventure, you will find yourself in an enchanted forest with a bunch of mystical creatures. Your adventure will mostly take place in a Scandinavian forest setting. SO what is the story behind this island?

Well, a village next to the sea has recently been attacked by some mysterious creatures that live nearby. Your goal is to go find these creatures in the dark forest and find out exactly what is going on. This forest hides deep secrets and magical powers!

Watch the Twisted Thicket Island Walkthrough below to help you get through the dark and deep forest!

Go to the right when you get to the island.  Talk to the guy in the hardhat near the bulldozer.  Climb up the ladders then over to the right on top of the dump truck.  Next jump over to the beam, keep walking right until you get to the woods.

Click on the Lesovyk Rune in the tree to pick it up.  You need to stand still for a second and let the stars build up under you.  They will lift you up into the tree.  Move to the right, jumping from tree to tree.  Keep going until you see the branches without leaves.

Jump up to these branches and then go to the left.  Climb up the ropes and over to the left to get across the gap.  Keep climbing up and to the left.  Eventually you will start climbing the ropes over to the right.

Click on the Kobold Rune to pick it up.  Climb the vines all the way over to the right.  Climb up the next set of long vines and watch out for the little green guys who cut the vines!  Climb all the way up to the treetops and go to the right.  Avoid the birds when they fly out of the trees.

Keep going to the right until the rock creature throws a boulder at you.  Run at him and jump up to the ledge above him.  Run to the left and you’ll find another rock creature throwing boulders.  Jump on top of him to reach the next level.

On the next level there is another rock creature.  Do the same thing, avoid him and jump on top of him to reach the next level.  You’ll find yet another rock creature up here, this time jump onto the ledges to avoid the boulder and he’ll drop one on himself eventually.

Jump on top of the boulder to reach the top of the level.  Run to the right and pick up the Jotunn Rune.  Keep going to the right and you’ll have try to get past the Nokken.  Try to stay on high ground and jump through the trees to get by him.

Drop down into the water and keep moving to the right.  Swim under water in the next area to get by him.  Be sure you pick up the Nackrosor Rune when you get out of the water.  Run to the right and a group of goblins will throw spears at you.

Keep running to the right until you find the Dokkalfar Rune on a zipline.  Pick up the rune and you will escape on the zipline.  Walk to the right and climb up the tree with the blue flowers.  You’ll find places to put all of the runes that you’ve found.

Enter the passageway in the tree.  Go over and talk to the Queen.  Ask her if humans forced her there.  She gives you the amulet necklace and tells you to take the tunnel to stop the developers.

Run to the right and you’ll be outside again.  Put on the forest amulet and fly over to the right using the blue button, land on top of the big crane.  Now click on the yellow amulet button for more strength, use it to push the crane arm forward.

Now fly up to the top of the crane arm with the rope on it.  Land on top of the crane and click on the rope to drop the ball on the bulldozer.  Click on the yellow button again and jump down near the bulldozer.  Pick up the wrecking ball and throw it into the dump truck.

Next use the green button to speed ahead and jump on the dump truck.  You’ll see a fuse box on the side of it.  Stand on top of the fuse box and click on the yellow button.  Stomp on the fuse box to destroy it.

The machines are destroyed and the lead developer gives you back the shards of magic.  Take the shards back to the Queen.  She gives you the Twisted Thicket Island Medallion as a reward for saving the forest.  Way to save the environment!

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  1. why is there not a bonus quest walktrought in the first place.
    make a bonus quest walktrought for all the ilands.

  2. I’ve got a problem with those little fairies ( which keeps on pulling you to the sky)

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