Poptropica Survival Island Cheats & Walkthrough

Survival Island Episode 5: Escape

Episode 5 of Survival Island starts off with only one simple instruction: Survive!

For the first part of the escape, you’ll have to run from Myron Van Buren. This part is pretty easy, just pay attention to the obstacles that are coming ahead of you. You’ll need to jump over puddles and bushes by clicking above your character.

And slide under tree branches by clicking under your character.

Once you outrun Myron, you’ll fall down into a hole in the ground. This is where you’ll meet Max McGullicutty. He says he thinks he can trap Van Buren with your help!

Drop down to the lower level of the hole and you’ll pick up a fishing pole. Now exit the hole and get up to ground level.

When you get up to the ground, you’ll have to be careful not to alert Myron. Wait for him to walk in the opposite direction then jump over the pile of sticks so he doesn’t hear you. Jump up into the tree.

Now jump up to the top of the tree and jump over to the branch of the dead tree to your right. Be sure to land on the branch or you will fall to the ground.

Jump over to the next tree to the right and stand on the furthest branch to the right above the tent. Take out your fishing pole and press the spacebar to pick up the whistle from the camp site.

Drop back down into the hole and go to the right.

Keep walking until you see the opening in the ground with the mushrooms. The opening is too high to jump up to so you’ll need to move the large rock that is under the lamp over to where the opening is.

Jump on top of the two rocks then jump up through the opening in the ground. Hide behind the plant so Myron’s dog doesn’t see you.

Wait until the dog is looking away from you and then move the large rock to the right until it is on top of the other one. This will take a few tries so just be patient and wait for the dog to keep going out of sight.

When you have the rock in position, you’ll be able to jump on top of it and then up to the ledge above. Keep jumping upward to the tree on the top level. Click on it to knock it over.

Now drop back down one level and position the rock like in the picture below.

Jump back up to the fallen tree and use it as a bridge to walk over to the next spot. You’ll see a bear hanging from a rope in the tree. Click on the rope and the bear will fall from the tree.

Drop down and pick up the rope off the ground.  After you pick up the rope, carefully drop back down into the hole to avoid being spotted by the dogs then go to the right.

Climb up the tree and then jump onto the floating log so it is positioned like in the picture below.

Now swim over to the tree to your right. You’ll have to bounce on the branches to get up to the area above. Wait for the dog to walk away then jump up and hide in the plant.

When the dog is walking away from you, jump out from behind the bush and run to the right. There are two logs in the waterfall that you will need to position with the left side down.

Now drop down to the beaver cage below. Click on the cage to set the beaver free and you will pick up a gear. Once you pick up the gear, head all the way back to the left until you get to the Saw Mill.

Myron will be walking above you, wait for him to walk to the right and then go up into the Saw Mill. You’ll see some large gears inside. Stand near them and take out your gear to activate the mill.

You’ll have to jump up onto the spinning wheel to get up to the ledge above. Once you get up to the ledge, push the cage over to the right until it falls and hooks onto the rope.

After that, go back up to where you pushed the cage and take out your rope when you’re near the other orange rope.

The will tie your rope to the other one and will lift the cage off the ground. Now drop down by the gears again. Be careful not to land on the step or you will trap yourself!

Take out your whistle to get Myron’s attention. You’ll blow the whistle expecting him to run over but he’s actually behind you! You get scared and get caught in your own trap!

Luckily Max McGullicutty comes to save the day! Myron gets trapped on the spinning wheel and you escape in his helicopter.

You’ve successfully survived Survival Island, way to go!


Survival Island Episode 4: Cabin Fever

After you got rescued from the radio tower last episode, you were picked up by Myron Van Buren who claims to be the best hunter in the world. Something isn’t right though…

First walk to the right until you see a door, go inside it. Myron will show you his trophy animals and introduce you to his butler, Winston.

After Myron introduces you to Winston, click on Myron again to talk a bit more. Then he’ll say that dinner is being prepared and you should meet him in the dining room.

Exit the trophy room and go into the other doorway in the living room.

You’ll eat dinner and then fall asleep from something that is in the food! In the next scene you wake up in the bedroom at the cabin with a headache.

First click on the bear’s paw to pick up a bear claw.

Then click on the yellow light in the middle to turn it off. Turn on the blue light and then turn the yellow light back on to reveal a hidden message.

To find the security code, turn off both lights then turn on the red and blue lights.

Now walk to the right to try to exit the bedroom. You’ll find that the door is locked. Take out the bear claw to unlock the door.

This next part is a little tricky. There are motion sensors in the room that you will need to avoid. Wait until the first sensor is clear and then run to the right, click on the plant to hide behind it.

Once the sensor is clear again, jump out from behind the plant and jump on top of the walrus between the two sensors.

Wait for the sensor on the right to be clear then hide behind the next plant.

Be sure the sensor is clear then jump out from behind the plant again and run to the corner. Click on the red “ON” panel to turn off the sensor system and exit the room.

You’ll find yourself in the living room again. Enter the door to the dinner room and then click on the sink to turn it on.

This will get the cook’s attention. Quick run and hide behind the plant that is sitting on the table.

Wait for the chef to walk by you then jump out from behind the plant and run to the left on top of the table.

You will pick up an empty pitcher then keep running all the way to the left to pick up the tainted meat.

Quickly run back to the next plant and hide behind it before the chef gets back. Wait for him to walk back to his cutting station then jump out from behind the plant and go back near the sink.

Turn on the sink again and take out your empty pitcher to fill it up. Once your pitcher it filled up, quickly exit the room before the chef notices you!

Once you get back to the living room, jump up on top of the moose head to knock it down from the wall. It will take a few jumps to get it to fall.

You’ll find a key to the trophy room behind the moose head. Pick it up and use it to enter the trophy room door to your right.

Pick up the spear that is leaning against the wall in the trophy room then go back out to the living room.


Next click on the candle to the right of the fireplace to reveal a secret passage behind the fire.

Now take out your pitcher of water and use it to put out the fire. Run over to the horn and click on it to blow it.

This will get Winston’s attention. Quickly run over to the fireplace and click it to go inside the area. Jump all the way up to the top floor and exit the wall by clicking on the painting.

Click on the door to enter it. You’ll find yourself inside of Myron’s bedroom. You need to make your way across the room by jumping on the animal heads so you dont wake him up.

Jump over to the tiger fur near his bed and take out your spear to get the key hanging on the wall.

After you pick up the Armory key, exit Myron’s bedroom the way you came in by jumping on the animal heads.

Go back into the trophy room and jump up onto to the elephant’s trunk to bounce up on top of the crocodile.

This will knock the crocodile head off the wall and break the statue of Myron. Underneath the statue you’ll find a voice recording.

Pick up the voice recording and then walk over to the armory case to the right. Take out the armory key to unlock the case.

Pick up the nightvision goggles from inside the armory case and then exit the trophy room. Run over to the exit at the left side of the living room. Enter the security code: 0451.

The door still wont open. Take out the voice recording to activate the voice control door. Exit the living room and go outside.

It will be dark outside so put on your nightvision goggles so you can see. Jump up into the tree to your left and get onto the branch that is above the dog kennel.

Take out the tainted meat and drop it to the ground to put the dog to sleep. Now you’re free to run out of the cabin area! Once you get to the gate you’ll get the island medallion, way to go!

But wait, the alarms start going off! Myron comes out and informs you that you are going to be the prey that he is hunting… To be continued next time!


Survival Island Episode 3: Distress Signal

Part 3 of Survival Island starts with you finding an old radio antenna.  You have to find a way to call for help!


Go to the right until you see the broken wires then jump up near the electrical box. You’ll find a note next to it.


Now climb up the tower to your left and then jump into the hollow tree next to it.  You will find the hard hat inside of the tree.


Next walk back over to the area with the broken wire.  Take out the note you found and examine it.


Now walk to the right until you get to the area with two trees and a wheel laying on the ground. Climb up to the top of the tree and you’ll find a wrecked airplane.


Go to the right side of the plane to go inside of it.  You will find a manifest inside the plane.  Now walk to the front of the plane and click on the radio


The plane will tip and fall down a bit from where it was resting before.  You need to find a way to get back into the plane so you can get the radio.

Get back on ground level and go to the right until you see another piece of wreckage.  Get on top of the wreckage and run to the right side of it.


The piece of wreckage will fall down into the water and teeter on a rock.  You need to stand on the left side of the metal piece then run and jump off the right side to get to shore.

Once you get to shore, walk to the right until you see a big tree with rope hanging from it.


Climb up this tree and then make your way to the left.  You’ll find another part of the plane wreckage at the top of the tree. Go inside the wreckage to find the box of nails.


Exit the plane and jump over to the tree to your left.  Drop down to the lower branch on the tree and you will find the pocket knife.


Pick up the pocket knife then run all the way back over to the first piece of plane wreckage you found.  Climb up in the tree and use the pocket knife to cut the branch pictured below.


Now drop down and go back inside of the plane wreckage to pick up the radio.


The radio is intact but you have to find a power source for it.  As you try to exit the plane, it will fall down into the valley.

Now run back to the right until you get to the tree on the island that is partially cut down.  Take out the pocket knife to cut the tree down.


Once the tree is cut down, pick up the Coin Collectors Choice Mystery Bag that was hanging on one of the branches.


Open the mystery bag and move the coins aside until you find the copper penny.


Run to the right until you get back to the big tree with the rope at the bottom.  Climb up the tree until you get to the branch with a rope tied around it. poptropica-survival-distress-signal-16

Use your pocket knife to cut the branch. Now jump on top of the branch and stay there until it reaches the ground. Once the branch is touching the ground, take out your pocket knife to cut the rope.

The box of lemons will fall to the ground and break open. Pick up a lemon and then take out the radio from your inventory. Drag the penny and the nail onto the lemon and then connect the wires like in the picture below. poptropica-survival-distress-signal-17

Click on the “ON” switch and the radio will turn on! Now run all the way back to the radio tower. Before you climb up the radio tower, click on the red lever near the electric box below. poptropica-survival-distress-signal-18

Now climb up to the top of the radio tower. Click on the loose piece in the picture below.


There is another piece on the left side of the metal bar. Take out your pocket knife and click on the screwdriver icon to loosen the left side piece.


Run up to the right side of the metal bar then jump up to the platform above. Jump over to the left to get on the next platform. Climb up the ladder then use your screwdriver to loosen both ends of the metal bar like you did before.

Use the same teeter totter method you did before to jump up to the ladder. Climb the ladders all the way up to the top of the radio tower.


Take out your radio and use it to call for help. You get an answer but it’s Myron Van Buren! He arrives in a helicopter to pick you up.


Congratulations, you’ve completed part 3 of Survival Island!

Survival Island Episode 2: Hook, Line & Sinker

Poptropica Survival Island – Episode 2 – Hook, Line & Sinker Written Walkthrough


Now you need to find something to eat. Be sure to pick up the handbook page up in the tree.


Then pick up the survival handbook near the ground.


Open the survival handbook to see how to catch a fish for yourself. Now go to the left and click on this rock to move it.


You’ll find worms under the rock. Pick them up to use them for bait. Now keep walking to the left until you drop down. Go to the right and you’ll see a centipede.

Follow him to the right until he disappears near this tree. Click on the open area to carve your name into the tree.


Walk back to the left and move the next rock to find the pill bugs hidden underneath.


Pick up the pill bugs and then climb up the tree to find the next two pages of the survival handbook.



Jump down from the tree and you’ll find a fishing suit sitting on the stump below.


Put on the fishing suit and then move the log to get into the next area.


When you drop down you’ll see two bugs crawling on the wall. Click on them to splat them on the wall.


Keep walking to the left until you get to the pile of logs. You’ll see a hook under the middle of the pile but you cant get to it with the high water level.


Go to the left and you’ll have to jump on top of three logs to get across. The water level will start going down but then the beavers will start trying to patch the holes! survival-island-hook-line-sinker-14

You need to jump on top of the logs when the beavers are under them in order to keep them from patching the dam. This can be frustrating because it’s easy to fall in the water and freeze so it might take you a couple tries.

Once you stop the beavers from patching the holes, the water level will go down and you’ll be able to pick up the hook! Pick up the hook and go to the left until you see this rock. Move the rock to find the grubs underneath. survival-island-hook-line-sinker-15

Walk to the left and climb the tree to find the fishing pole.


Now go to the left until you see the tree stump. Click on the stump to push it over.


Do the same thing with the next big tree stump. Use the fallen tree to climb up to the top of the next tree. When you’re at the top, click on the next tree to push it over. survival-island-hook-line-sinker-18

The tree will fall into the water. Get a running start and jump onto the floating log to use it as a boat! You will see a boot hanging from a tree. Jump up to pick up the shoelace from the boot.

Once you pick up the shoelace, quickly swim to the left to get to the other shore. Once you’re on the other shore, climb up to the top of the tree and you’ll see there is a boot inside. survival-island-hook-line-sinker-19

Go into your inventory and use the shoelace and fishing hook. Now equip your fishing pole, stand near the edge of the tree and press spacebar to send your line down. You have to be lined up perfectly so that your fishing line will get down into the tree.


Once you fish the boot out of the tree, use the shoelace to replace the line on your fishing pole. Now run back to the right until you get to the tree that hangs over the water.


You need to clear the ice that is on top of the water. This takes three steps. First move the rock so that it bridges the gap like in the picture below.


Then push the log over so it looks like this picture.


Now push the boulder down the tree to send it rolling into the water to destroy the ice!


Stand near the edge of the water and use your worms to fish! You should be able to catch one first try! Make sure you have both shoelaces on your fishing pole so your line is long enough! Once you catch a fish, you’ll have food to eat!


You’ll get the island medallion for completing this episode! You are warm, fed, and safe….for now.


Until next time!


Survival Island Episode 1: Crash Landing Walkthrough

You’re stranded in the woods at night and the temperature is falling. You must find a way to start a fire in order to survive. Now lets get to the cheats walkthrough. See it below!

Poptropica Survival Island – Episode 1 – Crash Landing Cheats & Walkthrough Video

Survival Island Written Walkthrough

When you first get to the island, you will see that you are in the middle of the wilderness and you need to start a fire to survive for the night.

Survival Island Cheats

To get down from hanging on the trees, just click on the bottom of your player. You will then fall to the ground. Just to your left, at the end of the map, you will find a Survival Handbook. Pick this up! Now start running right. When you get to the tree in the image below, jump up to the top of it and you will find the first Handbook page.

Poptropica Survival Island Handbook

Once you have this, go right just a bit to some rocks and start jump up them. Now you will need to make your way to your left where there will be a dead branch. You will need to jump onto this branch so that it falls and you can collect the logs when it does!

It is hard to show you where this is without a video but I promise it is there! Below is and image of the rocks you will have to jump on to get to the branches to your left!

Survival Island Fire cheats (2) When you get the logs, continue right. You will soon come to a squirrel that runs up a tree. Where might he be going? Not sure! When you get the logs, jump down and go to your left to the end of the section (do not enter the next section!). Jump up and you will see a woodpecker now leave his post and sly somewhere.

You will also see another handbook page. Go get it! Now, you will need to keep following the woodpecker to each place he goes and keep making him fly somewhere else until you find him at the squirrels nest! He will annoy the squirrel so much that the squirrel will leave!

Survival Island Walkthrough Guide

You can now pick up the squirrels nest which you will use for the fire! Once you have done this, keep heading right in to the next section. Now continue right (staying on the lowest ground level) until you get to a big tree with a hole in it. Under this tree you will find some Wet Kindling. Pick it up!

Survival Island Cheats (2)

Now starting heading up and you will soon come to another tree (almost right above you) where you will find another Handbook page. Pick up the page.

Survival  Island Cheats

Once you have the Handbook page, continue right through the next section. Once you get through the blank section, continue right just a little bit and you will fall into a hollow log where some squirrels are hibernating. When you get into this log, run right just a bit and you will find some mittens. Pick them up!

Poptropica Survival Islands Cheats

Once you have the mittens, put them on so you can keep your hands warm while trying to survive! That’s almost like cheating don’t you think? We will take what we can get though. Now start heading right and get out of the hollow log. Just to your right, you will find another tree, jump to the top and you will find another Handbook page. Pick it up!

Poptropica Survival Island Walkthrough

Once you have the third Handbook page, keep going right where you will run into some ice. Jump up and get behind the big boulder. You will see that you will never be able to move it without some help! Poptropica Survival Island Walkthrough (2)

Now run all the way back from where you first started and go left into the new section. Once you get to the new area go left a bit and you will find the fourth page to the handbook. Pick it up. Now above you hanging from the branches (you may not be able to see it Look at the image below) there will be a bag.

Survival Island Walkthrough (2)

You will need to use the branches to your left to get to this bag. Once you start jumping up on the branches, you will come to an object hanging from the trees like the one in the image below. Use this to climb to the next branch.

Survival Island Cheat Guide

Now all you need to do is go get the bag! When you click on the bag, something will drop. Go down and see what it is! Use your mitten to clear the snow and you will find the striker! Now continue left and you will soon come to an axe sticking out of a stump.

Make sure your mittens are on so that you can grip it! If you are not wearing your mittens, you will not get the axe! If you did it right, you will get the axe handle!

Poptropica Survival Island Cheats axe

Now continue to your right and you will see another page to the Handbook on the ground under a dead stump. Push the stump off of it and grab the page! Once you have done all of this, head all the way back to the boulder you could not move. If you have read your survival guide, then you would know that you can use the axe handle as leverage to move the boulder! Do this! When the boulder falls, if will chip off a piece of flint and open a cave entrance, pick up the flint!

Survival Island Walkthrough Cheats

Now go to the boulder again and push it one more time to the left! Now it will be stuck between to snow ledges. Perfect!

Survival Island Walkthrough

Now go into the cave. Be careful here. On the far end of the cave, there is some dry kindling that you need! There is a huge bear between you and this kindling though! There will be a ledge just on the edge of the darkness. Find it and use it to jump over the bear! Once you get the dry kindling, do the same thing from the other side to jump back over the bear! Now. You should have everything you need to start a fire! Go to the other side of the boulder, where you are protected on all side. Now click on the fire icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Survival Island Fire Cheats

When you get to the fire making page. First take out your mitten and clear the area of snow. Now place the nest. Then you need to blow on it! Now place your dry kindling on the fire. After that, place the logs on the fire! Survival Island Poptropica Cheats

That’s it! Now we have to wait until part two!

Poptropica Survival Island End

Survival Island Screenshots & Trailer 3/19/14,/h2>

Survival Island Trailer

Survival Island Screenshots

Here is the first set of Survival Island screenshots released by the Poptropica Creators.





Survival Island Extras

The first extra item available for Survival Island is Wind Power. More extras to come!


Survival Island Announcement 3/7/14

Today it was announced on the Creator’s Blog that the next Poptropica island will be called Survival Island! This island is supposed to be unlike any other island we’ve played before! poptropica-survival-island

From the sounds of it, there may not be a main villain you need to defeat – the main objective is to survive! The Creators have also listened to everyone’s complaints about how long it takes for new islands to be released…Survival Island will be the first “Episodic Island”. Instead of having to wait for them to create the whole island, they’ll be releasing this new island in episodes as it is finished! The first episode is called Survival: Crash Landing and will be released on March 20th! Be sure to check back to this page for a full walkthrough guide as soon as Survival Island is released! -SkyBoy303

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    • Look at the water drops! It’ll show you were to go

    • Just jump around at the back and you’ll get on it eventually (u can’t see it at all)

    • You have to look at the drops of water falling from the ceiling of the cave and look where they drop. Some of them will fall onto a “secret ledge”

    • all u have to do is when you pass the pole thing then you just jump into the black area and you jump over to the water drops, then do the same thing back.

      • you know instead of doing the same thing back you can just wake up the bear so you can just get back with the dry twigs?

    • jump on top of the bear….

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    • Hi,
      From what I know you cant leave the game until you finish.
      But you can possibly click menu and click the blimp. Done!

      • That got me off of the island.Thank you soooooooooo much!!!!! =D

    • When you click on the button at the upper right, look for a balloon/zeppelin. That takes you to the map so you can leave the island.

    • u go onto that box thingy and there is the blimp
      click on go to map

    • you have to click on the crate thing on the right corner and then click on the blimp thingy so you can choose an island to go

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    • use the mitten to wipe away the snow, put the nest down, light it, blow, then put the DRY kindling down then it will give u the medal.

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  13. i cannot build a successful fire because it is too windy. why?

    • It is two windy because once you roll the rock on two the pile of snow next to the tree with the rodents in it, you need to push on it again to secure it. Once you do that climb the tree above you then jump down and clear the snow and build the FIRE!!!!

  14. how do you get to the “blow” screen?

    • Place down the nest thing, then light the fire, (that’s when it says to blow) then continue to add the rest of the wood pieces on.

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  19. I already opened the bag with the stuff that fell out ,but I didn’t have my mittens. now that I do have my mittens I went back to the spot and it wasn’t there than i when back to the bag and it didn’t work. what do i do help me please help me somebody

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    • You need to go into the cave with the bear, but jump and you’ll land on a ledge. At the other side of the cave, there is dry twigs.

    • you need to put in the dry twigs then the logs

    • You need to go to move a boulder, and it will open a cave. The cave with drop flint which you might already have. Go into the cave, but watch where the water drops. That is a rock you need to jump on, so you won’t wake the bear. Yes, there is a bear. Jump across, and the back of the cave will be lit. In the back, a heavenly light will illuminate the dry twigs. Get those. Now you can go back to the entrance and leave. By now it doesn’t matter if you wake the bear or not, ’cause now you have your twigs. Now, you can make your fire. 🙂 Hope i was helpful.

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