Super Villain Island Walkthrough – Poptropica Cheats & Secrets

Poptropica’s Super Villain Island walthrough can be found below and let me tell you, this island is awesome. You basically get to make your way into the minds of four of the most dangerous villains on Poptropica. You will find yourself entering a top secret prison to do this.

Why are you doing this? Well your goal is to extract the evil that is within each one of them. You will either succeed of be trapped in their evil minds forever! Use the walkthrough guide below to help you!

Jump up onto the barrels over to your left to reach the platform.  Climb up to the top left of the building and enter the control room.  Tell the girl she can count on you.  Exit the room and get in the helicopter.

The weather gets bad so you have to jump out of the helicopter.  Parachute down and avoid getting struck by lightning!  When you land in the water, climb up the cliffs to your right.  Keep going right and then work your way back to the left to get to the top.

A doorway gate will open, go inside.  It turns out the building is Erewhon Prison for Supervillains.  Tell the guard you’re not afraid.  Go talk to the older guard and tell him “Well lets go.”  Walk to the right to go through the screening process.  Enter the prison as a guest.

Enter the elevator to your right.  Drop down and talk to Dr. Jupiter.  He has Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr. Hare, and Captain Crawfish kept in chambers in his lab.  Dr. Jupiter tells you that he thinks he can remove the evil from these Supervillains.

You have to enter their dreams and recover their evil totems.  Use the arrows to choose which super villain’s dream you want to enter then click the circle button.  Start with Doctor Hare’s dream first.

Run to the right then start digging straight down.  Watch out for spikes and ants in the ground.  Just keep digging down until you see this sprayer.

Pick up the sprayer and return to the surface.  Then exit Doctor Hare’s dream and enter Captain Crawfish’s dream.  Run to the left side of the boat then drop down and go to the right.  Open the orange box and you’ll find a stopwatch.

Jump up and grab the green key, then make your way back up to the main level.  Use the green key to open the green box.  You’ll find Drog-Brand Turpentine inside.  Exit Captain Crawfish’s dream and travel to Black Widow’s dream.

Use the Turpentine to fill the sprayer.  Ask Black Widow about the paintings and he’ll get mad.  You’ll get sucked into one of the paintings.  Take out the sprayer and use it to clean the red writing off of the painting.  Be sure to pick up the shrinking potion at the top left of the painting.

Once it is all clean, exit the first painting and enter the one that says “Trash” on it.  Clean all of the red letters off of this painting just like the first one.  Exit the painting and enter the last one on the right.  Clean off the red writing using the sprayer and exit when you are done.

Jump back into the blue painting and pick up the crystal key at the top right.  You have to run around from Black Widow for a little while, click on the picture of him when you get a chance.  The painting melts and you pick up Black Widow’s Paintbrush Totem.

Now enter Binary Bard’s dream and take out your stopwatch.  Enter the doorway and keep walking to the right.  Use the stopwatch on the next two doorways.  Stop time again to stop the mouse and then jump over the wall.  Enter the round door.

Stop time and use the spiked platform to jump up over the pillar.  Do this again with the next spiked platform when it is in a good spot.  Continue using this strategy to make your way through the level.

Eventually you have to go straight up higher.  This part is hard because you have to pause 3 platforms at once and then quickly jump up to the top.  After this part, move to the left until you reach a clear vault.  Take out the crystal key to open the vault.

You have to stop time whenever the second hand is on the 3, 6, 9, or 12 to shock Binary Bard.  Eventually he will drop his Astrolabe Totem.

Go back to Doctor Hare’s dream and take out the diamond drill.  Use it to quickly drill straight down again.  You can even drill through the metal squares now!  Drill all the way down until you see Doctor Hare sitting on the ground.

Use your drill to uncover the 6 squares in the middle of the room.  Under the squares you’ll find Dr. Hare’s Golden Carrot Totem.  Go back to the surface.

Next you will enter Captain Crawfish’s dream.  Make your way over to the top right side of the room and hop onto the shelf with the ship in the bottle.  Take the shrinking potion and enter the bottle.

Jump up to the very top of the ship and shut the gate when the cannon rolls into the middle area.

Drop down and do the same thing with the cannon below him.  Drop all the way down to the bottom of the ship and click on the cannon down there to fire it.  This will break the glass bottle.

You’ll pick up Captain Crawfish’s Model Ship Totem and exit his dream.  Now go over to the left and give Dr Jupiter the four totems.  It turns out Dr Jupiter is Zeus!  He blasts off into the sky and you’re left in the water.

Poseidon appears and gives you his trident to fight Zeus with.  Click on each of the four totems to destroy them.  Collect clouds to recharge your lightning bolts.  Shoot the bolts at Zeus after you have destroyed the totems.

Eventually he disappears and the statue starts shooting lightning bolts from its eyes.  Shoot your bolts at the eyes of the statue and Zeus will come back out and fall to the ground in defeat.

Two prison guards come running out and say that they have locked him up in the dream machine for good.  They award you the Super Villain Island Medallion for saving the day!

Super Villain Island Bonus Quest

After you get the medallion, the island goes into emergency lockdown.  You need to go into Zeus’s dream to recover the cell code.  Enter Zeus’s dream and work your way through the maze to find pieces of the override code as you go.

It takes some time to get used to the weird gravity on this bonus quest.  Eventually you will exit the maze and be outside in a purple forest.  Float around to the left and right to find more pieces to the override code.  The easiest way to find them all is to follow your arrow when it’s green.

The next area still has the weird gravity, go to the right when you first get to this area.  Then make your way over to the left for the next clue.  Use the black clouds to bounce up to get it.

Now follow your arrow up to find the next piece.  The last piece is over to the left.  When you get back, the guards give you the Dream Guardian costume as a reward.  Nice work!

In the video above, you found yourself visiting many different areas to complete the island. The parts you had to complete are listed below:

  • Going to the Prison
  • Recovering the Black Widow’s Totem
  • Recovering Binary Bard’s Totem
  • Recovering Dr. Hare’s Totem
  • Recover Captain Crawfish’s Totem
  • Defeat the final boss

How did you do throughout the island!?

  1. I have a problem… In the pirate’s dream, the orange box is locked so I cant get the stop watch out. What is the problem?

    • you have to jump up and get the key directly above where you first came into the dream

    • your problem is that you didnt get the key to unlock it. it’s on the ship you just have to find it along with the green key

    • I don’t think you need the stop watch

  2. Did anybody notice that the name of the chopper is Zeus backwards!!??? WTF!

  3. i think the black widow is a girl because whenever mentioning the black widow it always says “she’s” or “her” 😛 This helped soooooo much though thank you!!

  4. How can I go back home? 🙁

    • GO outside the prison, open your backpack and use the walkie-talkie. the helicopter will then come for you.

  5. Where is the shrink potion?

  6. the shrink potion is on the top left of the first painting in black widows dream dummie

  7. just saying the pick axe DOES NOT do ANYTHING to the ants and its really annoying because now I am stuck AGHHHH

  8. its strange how i always do the newest islands first than the older ones 😉

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