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Skullduggery Island is the thirteenth island on Poptropica. This island is all about Pirates and exploring the open seas! One great thing about this island is that you get to own your own ship and even command your own ship crew.

The goal for you on this island is to rid it of the pirates that are causing all types of problems for the people that live there. These pirates are led by the notorious Captain Crawfish who is no easy pirate to get rid of. The Skullduggery Island adventure begins at a place called Fort Ridley which is an island that has been takin over by Captian Crawfish. Do you have what it takes to help the islanders get rid of these terrible pirates?!

Check out the Skullduggery Island Walkthrough below and you will have no problem receiving your Gold Medallion!

After you talk to the guy on the dock, run to your right until you reach a stone wall.  You have to jump up the wall then go into the house at the top.  Walk to the right and talk to the two guys by the fireplace.  Read the script they give you then ask about the treasure.  Then ask where he thinks it is.  Finally ask what was on the parchment.  He says it has clues to where the Skullduggery treasure map is.

Exit the house and walk to your left.  Take the lower route down to the water and continue going left.  You will pick up a dubloon under the bridge.  Once you pick it up, go back to the right, then cross over the bridge.  Enter the general store.

Ask the woman why they are sold out of so many goods.  Then ask why there isn’t any trade on the island.  She tells you Captain Crawfish stole everything.  Ask her if there’s anything you can do.  Give her your dubloon and she will give you a bag of feed.

Then click on the mirror on the top shelf.  It’s broken so she gives it to you for free.  Leave the store and go to your left until you see the guy with the chickens.  Give him the bag of feed and he will give you a chicken in exchange.  Take the chicken and go to your right until you see the farmer next to the corn.

He says pests are eating his crops and he can’t feed his family.  Give him the chicken to help eat the pests.  He gives you a special blue candle.  Take the candle and walk to the right, climb back up the stone wall and go back into the house.

Take out your blue candle to view the parchment.  Exit the house and walk to your left, corss over the bridge and keep walking until you see a guy with a musket standing on a wall.  Jump up the wall all the way to the top of the tower.  Take out your mirror and look into the periscope into the Skullduggery sea.

Look to your left until you see a lost ship.  While looking at the ship, click on your mirror to send a signal to the ship.  The guy is so thankful for helping him find his way back that he gives you his boat.  Jump onto the boat to start your journey through Skullduggery!

Steer your boat out of the harbor and head north.  Click on the salvage to pick it up.  Keep heading north avoiding the sea creatures.  Click on the nearest island to dock your ship there.  This place is called Bouffant Bay.

Walk to the right until you see a trader in a purple hat.  Trade some of your good so you can get more gold.  Keep walking to the right until you see an old man next to a stained glass door.  Ask him what kind of boat.  Then ask him why he destroyed the printing press.  Lastly ask him how Captain Crawfish can be defeated.

After talking to the old man, walk a few steps to the right and jump up to knock a piece of the map out of the hanging plant.  The map piece is in the middle plant.  Walk back to your boat and head back out to the Skullduggery sea.  Go to the right to pick up more cargo, then head back down south.

Go slightly to the right until you see the next island.  It’s called Parrot Port, click on it to dock there.  Walk over to your right until you see a trader.  Trade him some of your goods to earn coins.  Walk to the right and enter Petey’s Pirate Pub.  Go to the left and jump up the barrels to reach the top.  Click on the cracker to pick it up.

Exit the pub and walk to the left until you see the red parrot.  He tells you to jump in the sea then to go see him.  Run to your left and jump in the water.  Then run back to the right and jump up the barrels, over the Parrot Port sign.  Jump up onto the roof and you’ll see the parrot on the second roof top.

The parrot tells you to clog the vent so jump over to the next building on the right and jump on top of the chimney.  This should stop the smoke from coming out.  The parrot is sitting in a tree just to the right of this rooftop.  He tells you a pirate is in the old tower.

Run back to your left and climb up the old tower.  It is located right above the Parrot Port sign.  Talk to the pirate and use your cracker to call his parrot back.  The pirate will give you a piece of the map as a reward.

Leave the island and head south in the Skullduggery sea.  Watch out for the other ship shooting at you!  Dock at the next island you see.  It’s called Golden Harbor.  The townspeople will tell you about the lights being connected.  Go to the trader and trade some of your items.  Walk over to the right and jump onto the roof the reach the lantern.

Click on each of the lanterns to turn them on.  You will then find another piece of the map after the last lantern is turned on.  Walk to the right and enter the building.  Go to the right side of the room and jump up to the second floor.  Talk to the woman and tell her you need a loan.

Take out a loan for all the money you have then exit the bank.  Go back to your boat and head to the island that is on the bottom left of the Skullduggery map.  This island is called Pirate Outpost.  Trade with the trader to make some coins.  Walk to the left and jump up the crates.

At the top, you will see a platform to your right.  Jump over to it then jump over the gap to the right.  Keep walking to the right and climb up the chain to get to the next level.  Jump all the way up to the top where you will find a pirate’s den.  Jump up to the very top of the pirate’s den to find a cannonball starter kit.

Drop down from the roof and push the barrel off of the edge, all the way down to the water.  Push the barrel to the right and position it in the water, under the gold tooth.  Then run back to the left and click on the cannon.  The cannon will shoot the barrel and the gold tooth will fall into the water.

You will find another piece of the map where the gold tooth was, jump up to get it.  Get back on your boat and head north to the next island.  It is in the top left of the map.  This island is called Dragon’s Cove.  Walk to your right and click on the dragon statue in the water.  It will sink and you’ll find a mallet under it.

Walk to the right and you’ll see a man fishing.  Push him on his crate to the right, so that he is right in front of the barrel.  Walk back to the left near the giant bell and use your mallet to ring it.  This will scare a bunch of fish out of the water and the old man will catch one.  The last piece of the Skullduggery treasure map is in the fish’s mouth.  He gives it to you as a reward.

Examine the map and the pieces will come together.  Jump up and enter the doors near where the woman is standing.  This is a ship store.  Tell the man you want to buy a ship.  Buy the Jimmy Rigger ship.  Exit the building and leave the island on your new ship.

Now that you have your new ship, you can earn more money by trading.  Read below to see the order in which you should visit the islands and which items to trade there.  Start at Bouffant Bay and work clockwise to the other islands.  Keep repeating this process until you have enough coins.

Bouffant Bay

  • Sell silk
  • Buy medicine

Pirate Outpost

  • Sell grain
  • Buy spice

Dragon Cove

  • Sell spice
  • Buy silk

Golden Harbor

  • Sell spice or silk
  • Buy grain

Parrot Port

  • Sell Medicine
  • Buy spice or silk

Repeat this process and buy better ships as you make more money.  Once you save up 1,000,000 coins, buy the Phoenix Warbird ship.  After you buy the ship, leave the island and head south to the Pirate Outpost.    When you get there, climb all the way up to the pirate’s den like you did earlier.  Go inside of the pirate’s den.

Talk to the pirate in the red and white striped shirt, tell him he’s hired.  Exit the pirate’s den and get back on your ship.  Embark south in the Skullduggery sea towards the treasure island.  Captain Crawfish will appear in his Phoenix Warbird ship.  You have to shoot his ship with cannonballs in order to defeat him.

Once you defeat Captain Crawfish, head north to Fort Ridley which is the first island you started at.  Walk all the way to the building with the two old men in it, where you read the parchment.  They will give you the treasure map and a bone shovel to dig with.  Exit the building and get back on your ship.

Head south towards the treasure island.  Walk to your right and examine your Skullduggery treasure map.  If you jump up you can see a black flag.  Walk a few steps to the right, near the palm tree.  Take out your shovel and start digging.  Once you discover the treasure, Captain Crawfish shows up.

Captain Crawfish tells you that you were tricked into finding the treasure for him.  Then all of the sudden, it starts raining cannonballs.  Captain Crawfish and his people flee.  Your pirates saved you and sunk Captain Crawfish’s ship.

You and your crew sail away, leaving Captain Crawfish on the island.  When you get back, the Mayor of Fort Ridley is so grateful that he gives you the Skullduggery Island medallion.  Congratulations!

So that is how to get passed Skullduggery Island! I hope the video walkthrough helped you out. For complete walkthroughs check out the rest of Poptropica World!

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