Poptropica Shark Tooth Island Walkthrough & Cheats

This full Shark Tooth Island written cheat guide will help you through every part of this adventure! Shark Tooth Island is one of the first and easiest islands to get through. All you have to do is rescue Professor Hammerhead as well as a young buy who both are trapped on a small island in a place called Booga Bay. If you have any questions about it, leave a comment below! Otherwise, enjoy the step by step written guide as well as the video guide!

Written Walkthrough Part 1

After you first get to Shark Tooth Island, go right all the way to the Ancient Ruins. Once you get to the Ruins, go all the way right. You should pass some coconuts falling from a tree. Don’t let them hit you! When you get to the end you will see the Booga Bay sign. Go to the Bay!

Once you are in Booga Bay you will see a guy at the Grass Skirts stand. Stop and talk to him. After talking to him he will give you a grass skirt so that you blend in. Put this skirt on and then go all the way back to the Ancient Ruins. Once back at the Ruins, you should see a big stone. Jump over it so you are on the left side of it. Then, push it right until it is directly under the vine which is right next to the palm tree. Once the stone is under the vine, jump onto the block and then jump up to the vine.

Climb the vine all the way to the top. You need to jump on to some platforms and jump back to the vine a few times as well to do this. At the top, you will find a medicine man. Talk to him and ask him “what else can you tell me?”. He will tell you something about a wall carving showing you what you need to bring him in order for him to brew a potion to put a giant shark to sleep.

Once you are done talking to him go all the way back down to the ground.Go left and you should make your way to the entrance of the temple. Enter the temple and jump down all of the platforms in this first area. You should find yourself on a platform with a moving platform on your left side. Jump on this platform and keep going left. Once you come to a wall you need to go down until you get to the bottom of this area. When you get to the bottom, go left and then you will need to go up again. You will come to a green control panel after a while. Jump to the platform you see and click on this control panel.

This control panel will open a door on your left side if you hit the correct teeth in the mouth you see. Starting from the left of the teeth, you need to hit the third, fourth, sixth and seventh teeth. Once you have hit all of the teeth you need to click on the triangle between the eyes above the teeth. If you did all this correctly the door will open! Through the door go left through another area and you should then come to an area with a green vine hanging from above. Jump on this vine and climb all the way to the bottom.

Once you are on the bottom of that area, go left and you will come up on a big golden shark statue. Jump on the shark and then get to the other side. From here jump onto the moving panel above you. When you do this you need to go left and you will come to a wall with some spikes on it. Jump down and you should see a skeleton. Go to the skeleton and grab the bone that is in its mouth.

After you have the bone, go right which will take you back to the statue of the shark. Do the same thing you did before and go to the wall with spikes in it. Only this time you need to wait for the moving platform to get close enough and then jump on it. Take this panel all the way to the other side of the pit and then get off of it and go left. When you get to another green vine, jump down and run until you see a huge pedestal with an urn. Jump on top of this to get the key ingredient. You should see a vine here as well. Climb up that vine to leave the area. Jump to the top of the platforms you see to exit.

Part 2 of Written Walkthrough

Once you have exited, you should be by a guy who is selling some shark fins. Go to the right just a bit and you should come to a guy standing by the Coconut Cafe at a booth. He will give you coconut milk which is the last thing you need for the Medicine man.

Now we need to get to the Medicine Man. Go back to the Ancient Ruins and do exactly what you did in the beginning of this guide to get to him. Once you get to him, he will take the ingredients you have collected and create the potion you need for the gigantic Booga Shark. Now just jump off the tree to your right and go to Booga Bay. When you get to Booga Bay you need to go right which will pass you by a fisherman and bring you to a cannon. You should see a sign that says “feed the shark”. Click the cannon to point it to the sky and then click the cannon again to launch it. This will send the potion you received into the bay.

When it hits the water the huge shark will come up and eat it. You should see him turn green and then he will fall asleep under the water. Get back to the main screen by hitting the back button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You should now be able to safely cross the bay without the shark bothering you! You should now come to a small island. Go right when you get there and you will get to Professor Hammerhead.

Talk to him and he will thank you for rescuing both him and the boy. He will also ask you to help him back to the mainland which is easy. Go left and back across the water you came from. You should come to a woman that is crying, she will thank you for rescuing her boy. After this the Professor will give you a gold medallion and you will be credited 100 credits! Nice work!

I hope my walkthrough of Shark Tooth Island helped you!

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