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Reality TV Island is quite unique compared to all the other islands on Poptropica. There are basically two different parts that you need to make your way through to pass it. In the first part, you need to find out how to become a contestant on a new reality TV show. Once you find out how to get on the TV show, you then need to actually compete on it!

There are a bunch of daily events or challenges that you need to participate in and win. They are pretty much mini games that you play. I’m not going to tell you what they are but you will not be bored with them, trust me! If you do not win the whole competition and get voted off, then you will not receive the medallion at the end of the island so make sure to win every competition!

When you start the island, enter Mikes Market and talk to the manager.  He’ll run off and drop a tabloid.  Pick it up and look inside of it.  You will find an application for the reality show.

Exit the market and go to your left.  Enter the motel and talk to the old man with the glasses.  When he asks if you want a room, respond “No just passing through.”  Leave the motel and head to your right.

Enter the TV World store.  Jump up to the third floor and talk to the guy with the spiked hair.  Then click on the TV to change the channel.  You’ll see an address where you should send your reality TV application.

Exit the TV store and go back to the motel.  Walk over to the front desk and pick up a pen.  You can enter anything in the reason box.  Now click on the phone and enter the number 555-7383 to call and order a pizza.  Have it delivered to room 48.  Go outside the hotel and you’ll find the pizza delivery guy.

Take the pizza to the top floor of the motel to room 48.  Inside you’ll find the reality tv star.  Tell him that you’re not really the pizza guy and actually one of his fans.  Then ask him how to get on the show.  He’ll tell you the life is not as good as it looks then tell him you really need the grand prize.  He’ll give you a postage stamp to use on your application.

Go into your items and use the postage stamp for your application.  Then exit the motel room and head to your right.  Go past the TV store and click on the post office box to drop off your application.   The next day a helicopter arrives to pick you up for the reality show!

The first challenge is a shot put throw.  You must click at the right time to get your character to throw furthest.  After the event, you vote on who to eliminate from the show.  You can vote for whoever.

Day 2 starts off with a pole climb challenge.  You have to jump back and forth from the different poles in order to avoid getting hit by the falling coconuts.  Once you make it to the top, the challenge is complete.  Once again, you vote for someone to be eliminated.  Choose whoever you want.

The next game is called Geyser Guess and you have to choose which geyser to stand on in order to avoid being blasted.  Here is the order of which spot to choose, counting from left to right.  2, 3, 7, 3, 2.  At the end of day 3 you vote on who you want to be eliminated again.

Day 4’s challenge is a mountain race where you have to jump over boulders as you run up the hill.  The key is to stay about midway in the screen so you can see the boulders coming in time.  There is another voting session after the challenge.

The challenge of day 5 is called the turtle shell toss.  Aim your arrow at the turtle shells in order to throw the coconuts into them.  The farthest shell is worth the most points.  The voting session at the end of day 5 leaves only three competitors left.

Day 6 starts off with a challenge called knockout.  Pull back the slingshot and move it from side to side to aim at the plates of the other competitors.  After this voting session, only you and one other competitor are left!

The challenge on day 7 is called balanced diet and is probably the hardest challenge yet.  You have to keep your cursor aligned inside of the circle in order to balance your stick with the fruit on it.  If you successfully keep it balanced for longer, you’ll win the reality show and receive the medallion.

So that’s it for reality TV Island. I hope the video guide above helped you get through it. Don’t forget to go to our free membership page to sign up for one and don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest pages. Also, leave a comment below as to how we helped you get through the island.

  1. The challenges come out randomly, just saying.

  2. and you forgot the boulder push game. not really a walkthrough. but i dont think you really need one for this game

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  3. There was a girl with red hair no boy with spiked hair.

  4. Helped a lot! Thanks 🙂

  5. yeah i won thanks so much for the help

  6. Look I love poptropica but I am having trouble with finding or getting the stamp for Reality Tv Island to mail the application. Please tell me hoe to get it

  7. HELP! I can’t find my application letter! I clicked the TV for like a milion times now but how come the application letter is still not there?

    • Oh! Haha sorry found it! Lol, sorry for bothering. XP

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