Poptropolis Games Island Walkthrough – Poptropica Cheats

Below you will find the complete Poptropolis Games Island Walkthrough. Poptropolis is the capital of Poptropica which only rises from the sea every 100 years. To celebrate, the city hosts a tournament to find the best Poptropican around and to give them tribal supremacy.

Each tribe of Poptropica send one representative to participate in a bunch of games and events. Can you win all the events and become the Poptropica Champion of the world?

For help and cheats, follow the Poptropica Games Guide below.

The lady asks you which event you’ll be competing in first.  You have get at least 3rd place in most events to get the medallion.  I recommend practicing every event before you compete.

Triple jump event: This one is first in the video walkthrough.  Jump across the first two gaps then make a huge jump at the end.

Long jump event:  This is pretty much the same idea as the triple jump ex cept there’s only one jump.  Try to wait as long as you can to jump without fouling!

Javelin event: Get some practice aiming and shooting the javelins before you compete.

Shot-Put event: Try to align the rocks with the green areas for max power.

Pole vault event: Run to the right and plant your stick to pole vault across the sand pit.

Diving event: Follow the routine to get a good score.

Hurdle event: Click to jump over to hurdles.  Time your jumps so you don’t knock them over.

Archery event: Aim the arrows at the center of the target.  Watch out for the wind! Move your arrow left or right depending on the wind.

Power Lifting event: Keep the arrow green while balancing it on the curve.  I couldn’t get past 500kg, how far did you get?

The lady awards you the Poptropolis Games island Medallion but then an old wrestler appears and challenges you to a match.  Accept his challenge then learn some moves in practice so you can beat him.  You must beat him in 4 rounds.

After you beat him, he declares you the true champion of Poptropica.  You unlock the ancient warrior costume too!  That’s it!

If you didn’t win all the events and become the champion you won’t receive the gold medallion! So be sure to win them all!

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  5. They added new events

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