PoptropiCon Island Cheats & Walkthrough Guide

PoptropiCon Island Episode 1: Line Forms Here Walkthrough Guide


First talk to the girl dressed as a princess who’s waiting in line. She’ll tell you that she has an extra ticket she’s holding for a friend but she doesn’t know where he is.

Here’s a selfie they took together. Her friend is dressed as a wizard.

Next go stand near the girl wearing the blue top hat in line. Click on the costumizer then use it to get the moon stone staff from her.

Now jump up on the flower planters to get to the balcony above. You’ll see a guy trying to push the pop machine. Use the costumizer to get his beard.

Grab the pop bottles that are sitting on top of the trash can and then jump all the way up to the roof of the building. You’ll see a witch up here, use the costumizer to get her hat.

Drop down from the roof of the Convention Center and walk over to the parking lot to your left. You’ll see a guy eating pizza. Use the costumizer to get the robe he’s wearing.

Jump up on top of the Space Jaunt then jump over to the Ye Olde Forge of Finery to get the watch parts on top of it.

Now make your way back to the princess waiting in line. Talk to her and she will ask for the item that you promised to get her.

Run back to the left to get to the restrooms. You’ll see a guy dressed just like you at the end of the line. Talk to him and he’ll say that the line is too long so he’s going home.

Talk to the next person in line who’s dressed as Thor. They tell you if you can help them remember who played Thor in the movie, they’ll trade you their spot in line.

Now go back to the right past the line of people waiting in front of the Convention Center. You’ll see a sign that says Alley on it. Click in that area to enter the alleyway.

First jump up on top of the dumpster to pick up the backpack straps.

Then go to the right until you see the guy standing in front of the Thor movie poster. Talk to him and then click on the poster to find out that Bucky Lucas plays Thor.

Now exit the alley way and head back towards the restroom line. On your way to the restroom, stop by the guy in line dressed as Thor and use the costumizer to get his beard and smile.

Keep going to the left until you see the guy standing in front of the Ye Olde Forge of Finery Station. Use the costumizer to get his shirt.

Walk to the left until you get to the line for the bathroom. Tell the person that Bucky Lucas played Thor and he will trade spots with you.

Now use the costumizer to get the cape and hat from the person in front of you in line.

Talk to the girl dressed as Thor and she will tell you if you find out what time the cosplay contest is, she will trade you her spot in line.

Run all the way back to the front of the Convention Center and jump back up to the balcony where the wizard was kicking the pop machine. Go to the left side of the balcony and you’ll see a sign that says the Cosplay contest is at noon.

Click on the sign so you’ll remember what time the contest is and then run back to the restroom line to tell the girl.

Once you tell her the contest is at noon, use the costumizer again to get the hat from the girl with the glasses.

Now talk to the guy in the green standing in front of you in line. You’ll ask if you can cut in front of him and he says only the one with the power amulet can cut in front of him in line.

He tells you that the cheetah bandit has the power amulet. Make your way back to the Convention Center and you’ll see the cheetah bandit on top of the bus.

Jump up and talk to her. She says that if you can beat her to the top of the water tower, she’ll give you the amulet.

This can be a bit difficult especially because she cheats by starting early! I’ll try to explain my best route of getting to the top.

Jump onto the stair case

Jump up to the stair railing

Jump from the railing to the flower bed.


Then from the flower bed to the purple umbrella. You will bounce off the purple umbrella up to the window above.

Jump across the gap from the window to the railing.

Then climb up the pipe on the side of the building.

Go from the pipe onto the clothes line which will bounce you up to the flower bed above.


Jump from the flower bed up to the rooftop then onto the purple umbrella.

The umbrella will bounce you up to the water tower then just make one last jump to get to the top!

This took me like 10 trys to get it so don’t give up you’ll get it eventually!

Once you beat the cheetah bandit, she’ll give you the power amulet. Put the amulet on and make your way back to the line for the restroom.

The guy in the green will give you his spot in line once he sees you wearing the amulet. Talk to the next person in line and they say they’ll trade their spot for the Fremulon mask from the Fremulon Booth.

Go back to the right and you’ll find the Fremulon Booth. Ask the guy on the left if you can learn how to speak Fremulon. He’ll give you a pamphlet with their language in it.

Now talk to the guy behind the counter to have a conversation in Fremulon. First he will ask “Scrash Sumbellugh?” Respond with “Scrum Bellazugh!”

Then he asks “Crozzy Zup Bemblex?” Respond with “Bemblex Zup Amfrozan.” Last he asks “Groffzellux Scrumble Blurge?” Respond “Blurge Scrashble Bellazagur.”

He says he’s impressed and gives you the Fremulon mask. Now run back to the line for the restroom.

Take out the mask to give it to the person. They will let you have their spot in line. Talk to the next person and she will tell you that she needs help fixing her jetpack.

She will give you the instructions for how to fix the jetpack.

Go to the right until you get to the Forge of Finery in the parking lot. Click on the area to begin fixing the jetpack.

First you need to click on the backpack straps then click on the glue. Then click the soda bottles and the glue again.

Now click the watch parts and last click the spray paint. And there you have it, the jetpack is complete!

Head back to the restroom line and give the jetpack to the girl at the front of the line. She’ll let you in front of her in line.

Click on the porta-a-potty door and a guy will come out. Go inside the bathroom and you’ll come out with the Mjolnir hammer from Thor.

Run back to the princess standing in line in front of the Convention Center. She’ll tell you that the deal is off so now you have to find another way inside.

Make sure you still have on the whole Thor costume and enter the Alley again. Go stand in front of the Thor display again and take out your hammer.


Talk to the guy in front of the display and you’ll tell him to leave his post and go check out the convention. Now just jump up onto the bucket of the catapult.

You need to jump on it three times to fully load the catapult. Then just click the lever and it will launch you into the Convention Center! You did it!


To be continued…


PoptropiCon Announcement 8/22/14


PoptropiCon Island is the newest island coming to Poptropica on 8/28/14!  This new island is set at the biggest fantasy and sci-fi convention in Poptropica: PoptropiCon!  Everyone get out your favorite costumes because it’s all about the costumes for this island!


It looks like PoptropiCon Island will be another multi-episode island and I think the first episode is called “Line Forms Here”.  So I’m going to guess that the first task will be trying to get into the PoptropiCon building…


There’s all kinds of interesting looking stuff outside of the PoptropiCon stadium, check it out!  Those umbrellas look pretty tasty…


The whole Convention Center is decked out for PoptropiCon!


There’s a few members-only items that are available for the next week before the release of PoptropiCon Island like this special event poster.


And what would PoptropiCon be without a couple new outfits?!  Check these out: the Lunar Colony costume and the Game Show costume!


There’s also an exclusive PoptropiCon Island desktop background that you can get from the Poptropica website.


PoptropiCon Island Episode 1: Line Forms Here Walkthrough & Cheats Guide

Check back on Thursday 8/28/14 to find a full walkthrough guide for Episode 1 of PoptropiCon Island as soon as it comes out!


  2. I found it was easiest when climbing the water tower to jump on the pipe as soon as possible, like when it first comes into sight. I tried your way 2 times, then I did the pipe thing and it was a lot easier.

  3. To beat the girl you have to climb the pipe on the left side. You are just wasting your time!

  4. I Love Your Shortcuts!

  5. cant get guy to leave his post in font of catapault

  6. Me either. The catapult guy won’t move!

  7. I have the full costime i think and i still cant get the security guy in front of the catapult to leave PLEASE HELP

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