PoptropiCon Ep.2: Spoiler Alert Guide!

Walkthrough & Pictures by Samwow5


Once you start the episode, You bust through a circular window and land on the stage of the costume contest, but too bad! You’re early for the contest. The prize though is a walk-on role in the next “Might Action Force” movie. You would want to get that, so, you’ll need to find a costume that’ll win the contest!

He will continue talking and will explain that you need the best Omegon costume (Mighty Action Force) to win the contest. After you finish talking to him, costumize the mask off of the guy in the bandit costume.

After doing all that, go over to the left side of the screen and up on top of the platform with the big cardboard box on it. Push it left and once it is out of the way, click the small card hiding behind it. After you pick it up, you will get  a “Teen Arachnid” card from the Mighty Action Force card game. It will go into your inventory as a Card Deck, because you will be collecting other cards (will explain that later in the guide). Now, go to the Expo Floor through the door on the right side of the room.

Once you get to the scene, run past the Demo Area door and you will get in a convo with a guy from the news site Wicked Cool News. He will talk you into being a spy for his website, in return, he says he will help you put together a cool Omegon costume. To get the cool costume, You will have to find very rare photos of what the newest design of Omegon’s costume is going to look like. He will give you a Cell Phone (with a list of costume parts to get of the costume).

Now that your a spy, go left, back where you came from, to the Demo Area. Once you are there, go right and talk to a girl at the Mighty Action Force Card Game booth. She will offer you a starter pack of cards, a practice match, and teach you how to play. Accept the offer.


The Mighty Action Force Card Game is pretty confusing, so here’s the instructions below if you need help:

  • When you play the game, you have 6 cards in your deck. Whatever card you get from that deck is a card you can use, along with other 5 cards in your deck. Also, before each of your turns, you get to draw 1 card.
  • On the board, you find 13 little holes in a line on the top and bottom of the screen. These are where gems go, which you need to get 13 gems, or be ahead of your opponent in gems collected when you both run out of cards to win.
  • With the cards, you can either attack your opponent’s gems (left side of board) or add more gems for yourself (right side of board). The number at the top right corner of each card is how many gems/or many many gems you break the card on you opponent.
  • In your inventory, you can arrange what cards are in your drawing deck and your usable deck by using the Card Deck item.
  • There are also some OP cards, such as Dirt Claude, it has a power of two but it will block an attack if it’s weaker or same number as it.

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You might as well leave the game now, if you beat her, she doesn’t give you anything. Now, Go over to the next table and costumize the bow off the back of a fan. Now, click on the balloon tied to the table next to the fan. The balloon allows you to get to the second floor of the room by jumping. Now, jump onto the table on the left with the bulletin board above it and click the bulletin board multiple times, which makes your character stomp his/her foot on the table and knocking sticky notes off the board. After the last sticky note falls off, there will be a card stuck on the bulletin board, click it and the card will be the Dirt Claude.  Grab that, and return to the Expo Floor with your balloon!

When you get to the Expo Floor, head up to the second floor and costumize the detective lady standing near the Popular Media Collectibles table, costumize her hat, and then jump off of the second floor to the left side. If you jump far enough and high enough left, you will be able to collect the Trash Collector card. You can now pop the balloon by clicking on it.

After the card, head right, over to the Elf Archer table, and ask the guy if he has any info where you could find out what Omegon looks like. He doesn’t want to tell you and starts complaining that someone else had just asked him too. He says, the person that asked him was news webmaster Sasha Capone. As you ask the last question, he says she’s just over to the right! Grab a free Elf Archer Comic Book Cover, and then follow her right, into the hallway.

This part is like a puzzle and it is really confusing and randomized, so here’s how to do it! There are three doors, and Sasha will run and go into one of them. While she is doing that, lots of people going in and out of the doors, you need to be quick to go through the right one to follow her. After 3-4 times of doing it correctly, you find yourself in the lobby. She’ll be standing to the left of you, near the center of the room. Go talk to her.


Once you talk to her, she says she does have a picture of Omegon! Sadly, instead of her being a generous person and giving it too you, she says you have to give her something in return. When you suggest giving her some loose change laying around, she gives you her Calling Card for when you have a real offer. After that, she heads toward the conference room and the guard asks her to put her phone in the phone bin. She does and goes in.

The objective on this part is for you to get her phone (stalker much). Go right, to the other side of the room, and jump up to the tech lounge on the second floor. Now, go right, and click the soda machine to get the Pony Girl card. Then, head left, and costumize the shirt of the pinata guy hanging over the lobby floor. Now, go into your inventory and use Sasha’s business card. Call the number on your new phone, and her phone will start ringing in the bin. After that, go over to the bin and take her phone, which allows you to get the pic of Omegon’s cape.

After getting the picture of the cape, go back to the Expo Floor and when you get there, go into the Exhibit Hall on the left. Once you get in there, you see two employees complaining about that they’re missing the Elf Archer statue. Now, this is where collecting all those costume pieces come into place. If you look at the Elf Archer Comic Book Cover in your inventory, you should tell that you have the same costume as the Elf Archer! You are going to be the statue! Once the employees leave, go ahead  and jump onto the empty platform where the Elf Archer goes.

Once you do that, the employees will come back in and say it’s the right one and haul you into the room on the left. When they leave the room, hop up to the second floor, and you find the latest Omegon mask. Take a picture of it, and when you are leaving, hop up and hit the inflatable hand of the superhero. It will drop the Fashion Ninja card, pick it up!

Now that you got the mask and cape, you need only one more picture to complete the Omegon costume! To get the body of the costume, go to the Demo Area. Once you get in there, get a balloon, and get up to the second floor of the room and go right. You see a girl sitting at a table, challenge her to a match. She says she has never lost a match! So go to your deck and arrange the cards into the best set to beat her. Also, She is beatable, it’s just very difficult, so just don’t give up! Here’s my deck:


To win against her you don’t have to get these cards, but they will help:

  • Elf Archer, Power 4 card, you win it against the bearded man in the Lobby (through the hallway).
  • Gold Face, Power 3 card, you win it against the lady in the Theater right when you get in.

Once you beat her, she gives you a super rare Omegon card (Power 6 card!) that completes the costume! Now, go back to the Wicked Cool News table and give the reporter/booth man the cell phone back. He goes away to make the costume, and then returns, giving you an amazing Omegon Suit! Put on the suit and go back to the Theater!

Once you get in the Theater, the contest will start. The first 2 contestants costumes’ are horrible, then you come up and the judge is impressed! Just right when he was going to announce you winner, a real life Omegon comes from a portal that appears in the middle of the room! The real life Omegon’s henchman force the other  2 contestants away, and then real life Omegon shoots the host of the contest with a ray gun! Leaving you on this cliffhanger, you are awarded the PoptropiCon Episode 2 medallion! Congrats!

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