PoptropiCon Ep.2 out for members today & Arabian Nights Ep.1 out for all!

Hey everyone! Today, October 23, 2014, the creators are releasing Poptropi-Con Ep.2: Spoiler Alert for members! They also released the members-only Popzilla Costume for Ep.2 of PoptropiCon (which it is free). Hmm, is it just me or that costume looks familiar? Is it like a mix between costumes? Tell me what I’m missing in the comments below!
For non-members: Arabian Nights: Ep.1 (How Bazarr) will finally be released to everyone today as well! If you need help with finding the Forty Thieves, check out my Arabian Nights Island Guide!

Also, If your wondering, I will have PoptropiCon Ep.2’s (Spoiler Alert) guide up this weekend/next week sometime! I will have a post up tomorrow! Have a great day of PoptropiCon Ep.2! 🙂

  1. where is your walkthrough for poptropicon Ep.2

    • Well, I am trying to write it, it’s halfway done. School is a killer x_x

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