Poptropica Wild Islands Cheats Walkthrough – IOS Game

We have gotten through another Poptropica Forgotten Islands IOS Game Island. This Island group was called the Wild Islands. I have written a cheat walkthrough guide for anyone that wants it! You can find it below.

Wild Islands Walkthough

Wild Island Cheats (1)

When you first get to the island group, go to the island just below you which has a yellow scroll over it. When you first get on the island, travel right a little bit and a man will start walking towards you. Talk to him. It’s Jason, the archaeologist. He will tell you that his crew got captured by nasty monsters and that you need to save them! He also says that there will be clues around the island as to where his crew is. You two will split up and look for clues.

Wild Island Cheats (22)

Start traveling right again. The first clue that you will find is a giant footprint in some dirt. Now keep traveling to your right.

The next clue you will find is some broken twigs which someone stepped on.

If you keep heading right, you will find another clue which is a claw mark on a tree with orange leaves. It looks fresh so you must be getting close!

Wild Island Cheats (20)

Keep heading right and you will run into two green Mabaya guys. One has a yellow scroll above his head. Talk to him. He will tell you that your friends were taken to the Northeast Island of the island group. Click on your map and go to the Northeast Island which will have a yellow scroll over it.

Wild Island Cheats (3)

Once on the island, head right. You will first run into a Mabaya guy that says go forward at your own risk. Continue traveling right and you will get to Jason. He tells you to infiltrate the Mabaya base and save everyone while he covers you.

Keep heading right until you run into the lady with orange hair (Jackie) locked in a cage. Let her out of the cage! Now continue heading right until you get to the next guy (Bruce) that is also locked in a cage. Let him out and continue traveling right.

Wild Island Cheats (17)

You will come up to one more person you need to free (Terry). Free her and she will tell you that you have gotten everyone except Chuck who is not on the Island. Now go back and talk to Jason at the beginning of the Island.

Jason will tell you that the monsters took chuck to the Island to the west. Click on your map icon and go to the island to the west which will have a yellow scroll over it.

When you get to the island, travel right until you get to the Mabaya with a yellow scroll above his head. He will tell you to go forward if you dare. Continue going right until you get to Chuck. He will ask you to let him out but the Mabaya leader has the key just in front of him. He won;’t give you the key until everyone that you freed comes and helps you!

Wild Island Cheats (13)

That’s it! You will not get the “Pirate Invasion” Artifact as well as 200 Credits! How did the walkthrough help you!?

Wild Island Cheats (12)

Wild Island Side Mission Walkthrough

Within the Wild Island Group, go the the northwest most island which should have purple scroll over it. Once you get on the island, run right (pretty far) until you get to a man with a purple scroll over his head.

He will ask you to help him find some things that make noise in order to scare the evil spirits away that are on the island.

Continue right, jumping all the way to the top of the structure where you will find the first noise maker, a saxophone. Pick it up.

Wild Island Cheats (11)

Now head back to your left, past the man, until you get to the mountain with vines on it. Here you will find the Drum. Pick it up.

Now head left just a little farther and you will find the Trumpet on a ledge. pick it up and head back to the man!

Give him all of the instruments. Now he will have you play one of them by tapping your screen. This will keep the evil spirits away! That’s it. You will now receive 100 credits.

Wild Island Cheats (6)

I hoep all of the cheats I gave you helped you through the Wild Island Group!


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