Poptropica Super Power Island Walkthrough Cheats – Parts 1 & 2

Super Power Island Walkthrough Part 1

Are you ready to take the role of an amazing super hero and capture some of the most wanted criminals in the world of Poptropica!? They have all broken out of prison and are running wild. The full Super Island Walkthrough guide below will help you get through it. There is a video as well as a written guide so be sure to check them both out! No cheats or hacks involved! Have fun!

When you first enter the island, run right and enter the Masks & Capes store. Make your character look like the one on the right of you when you first enter. Then go talk to the lady on the left. She will give you a Super Hero Card. Exit and run left until you get to an old man with grey hair. Talk to him and he will give you the Super Villain Files. When you get those talk to the lady on your left. She will give you Anti-Power Handcuffs which are needed to complete Super Power Island. Now go as far right as you can to exit the section and enter “downtown”. Go through the next small section. Let’s begin our capturing!

How to Capture Copy Cat

Enter the glass doors you see past the police officer. When you enter it will show you that Copy Cat is stealing from the bank. Go right to the elevator and hit the arrow on the wall. Let the elevator come down and then go left and talk to Copy Cat. He will run all through the area. All you need to do is keep finding him and running into him. He will disappear and then you will have to do this again. Do this over and over until you capture him! Now exit the building and you will see Copy Cat in a prison cell and you will be standing next to the old man talking to him. Nice work!

How to Capture Speeding Spike

Now go back to Main Street. Run right until you get to the subway and enter it. Run right and enter the subway. Speeding Spike will be in here! Run all the way to him. Now he will keep running at you. All you need to do is keep jumping over him when he runs at you. Once you do this enough times he will run to another section. Follow him and do it again. Repeat this until he gets so tired he stops running. Then run over to him and capture him!

How to Capture Sir Rebral

Once you have put Speeding Spike in prison, you will be back in the subway. Go right and exit it. Once out of the subway run right past the subway entrance and past the section with nothing in it. Sir Rebral will be in this area. Run past him and some rocks that he is controlling will hit him. He will go crazy! The ground will start moving and parts of it will shoot up into the air. Now you just need to find the grey rock on the ground and push it to the parts of the ground that are shooting up. It will hit Sir Rebral. Do this a few times and he will fall to the ground Put your handcuffs on him and capture him! You have now captured your third criminal with your super powers! That’s it for Part 1! Keep reading for part 2 of the walk through.

Poptropica Super Power Island Part 2

How to Capture Ratman

You will now go back to Main Street and run right until you get to the first bathroom door you see. Enter it and then enter into the sewer! Run left and keep jumping on the platforms floating in the gross water. When you get to the last one the water will start to go down. When the water stops, go right until you get to a red circular wheel. Turn it and then run all the way left two platforms and turn that red wheel. The water will rise just enough for you to get under the pipe on your far left. Run to it and go under it and then enter the door there. Ratman will be in this area! Keep jumping up the pipes right above you and you will eventually get to another red wheel which you need to turn. A little bit of sewage water will hit Ratman! Now run to him and capture him!

How to Capture Crush

Now exit the sewer and the bathroom and run right into the next section. Crusher will be here! All you need to do is run right and jump up so you are on the same level as Crusher. Now run past him and climb the crane you see all the way to the top. You need to make sure that you are not on the ground when he Jumps because he will knock you down! When you get to the top of the crane, push the magnet control down to the bottom. Crusher will be crushed but he will throw the object at you and knock you all the way down to the ground. Now run and climb to the top of the crane again. This time Crusher will be throwing barrels at you so watch out! When you get to the top of the crane, push the magnet control up. Crusher will be finished and all you need to do is go capture him!

How to Capture Betty Jetty

Now run right until you get to a telephone booth where the telephone will be ringing. Answer it and it will give you a flying super power! Continue right into the next section as well as the empty section. You should now be downtown. Fly all the way up to the top of the second building. This will take you to another section. Instead of walking you through capturing Betty Jetty of Poptropica, I will show you our video! This is not a cheat but a guide for you. It will make it a lot easier for you too. Don’t steal my secrets though!

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  4. When you are fighting Sir Rebral, get the hot dog to give to Ned Noodlehead to get the Island Medallion.

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