Poptropica Room Codes

Poptropica room codes are special codes given out by the room owner to grant access to the multiverse rooms.  These codes change frequently and are deleted once the owner goes offline.  Every time they log on and open a new room, there is a new code.  The best way to find new codes is to talk to your friends and get the new code as soon as it is generated.

Instead of giving a list of room codes to you guys that will probably be expired by the time you read this post, we’ve decided to make this page on our site a place you can leave any room codes you have in the comments so others can find your chat rooms on poptropica right away.

So be sure to click on the comments section below and post your codes here as soon as you open a new room so that others can join!

Our staff might even hop online and join you guys!

  1. BWK61 is a room code

  2. Please Come to my room , the room code is ETL85

  3. I wonder that I will have a room by myself.

  4. Hi

  5. CSF96 l’m the witch

  6. i JUST got a room a minute ago the code is CYN45 PLEASE come come come!
    P.S my name is my user on poptropica friend me! ^-^ see ya there!

  7. None of them work. How do you make a room and make a room code yourself? Please, please reply I want to make a room!

    • go on multiverse and choose any room then click create then your room willappear and automatically you get the code you cannot make it on your own

  8. I made one heres the code: BMN14

  9. (BCJ59) is my ROOM CODE.

  10. Come to my room: BKB39

  11. Please join my room CAN75 please add me as a friend with this same user id

  12. My other room code BGL52 please add me

  13. do you no eney promo code for 2013

  14. anser me please

  15. How do u get ur room code. and how do u get ur own room!? pls tell me

  16. plz come to this room BCV97

  17. AJC47

  18. lel, I know my name in poptropica doesn’t sound good. but lol, anyways my room code is: BXZ16

  19. AHZ51

  20. CKQ56 is mine

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