Poptropica Questions & Answers – 2018 Update

A lot of our websites visitors have asked what the answers are to all the of the spin for riches questions in the game.   Well we have collected all of them into one place with the correct answers so that you can beat game show island in your first try.  So take a look at the complete list below and use it while playing the game to make it easy as cake.

Pro-Tip:  Bookmark and Print this page so that you can come back to it quickly and also have something to look at while playing on Game Show Island!

Spin for Riches Answers:

Q: In the spin for riches game “A Cat and a US President.” A: Garfield

Q: A man with many emotions. A: Chuck Norris

Q: Nobody can call him a blockhead. A: Phineas.

Q: Who hates Lady Gaga’s wardrobe? A: Her drycleaner

Q: He invented the Moon Walk, not Michael Jackson. A: Neil Armstrong.

Q: If you see these, come inside. A: Cumulonimbus Clouds

Q: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, not John Adams. A:Virginians.

Q: Song was dedicated to Darth Vader. A: Every Breath You Take.

Q: Not bugs, the band. A: John Paul George and Ringo.

Q: Two great tastes that taste great together. A: Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Q: Spaceman Spiff’s alter ego. A: Calvin.

Q: Frog advice. A: Look before you leap

Q: Their life is sweet. A: Zack and Cody.

Q: A weekend to text a friend that you’re sick or a movie. A: Saturday night fever.

Q: You should be on your feet when you hear it. A: The National Anthem.

If we missed any of the questions leave a comment on this post and we will get you the correct answer and add it to the list above.  Also we will give you credit for giving it to us so you can be featured on this blog!


  1. maybe this song is dedicated to darth vader. that was one u missed

    • Uhhh Becca,
      It’s there…
      Song was dedicated to Darth Vader.

      Every Breath You Take

  2. me too

  3. yougot the wrong anwser on the band not bug.

  4. I beat spin for rich

  5. how do you defeat the yokozuna?

  6. You forgot:

    According to the tee shirt, a man with many emotions

  7. I found a question and answer in the game that I think you didn’t discover yet. the question is… This is the man who found the unknown island. and the answer is. Jason conract

  8. You missed the what will happen if disaster strikes

  9. frog advice is wrong so made me lose!!!!!!!!!!THANKS ALOT PEOPLE

  10. you missed The band not the bugs

  11. sorry didn’t see it there thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much for your help I appreciate it

  12. you spelt clouds rong

  13. u spelt clouds rong

    • you spelt rong wrong!

    • no, he spelled clouds C-L-O-U-D-S, exactly like you did. plus, hayley is right. you did spell wrong wrong, so… yeah.

  14. he is right but 2wise

  15. nevermind

  16. I don’t understand it that much really so I went to you tube

  17. o wheel

  18. but u missed the band not the bugs

  19. and friend me yuossx really

  20. I also have yuossx 12345678

  21. my name on poptropica is increadibal monster

  22. freanind me I am thinknoodles tankyou a lot

  23. I am speedy catfish

    • MY NAME IS SPEEDY CATFISH AS WELL! BUT MY USERNAME (THE ONE YOU FRIEND PEOPLE WITH) IS fairytutu22 and airytutu22 (yes I know fairy and airy tutu22’s lol!) ok by the way THE PEOPLE MISSED ANOTHER THING! IT’S: “Better come inside when you see these.”

  24. I completed 34 islands

  25. I completed 36 islands

  26. right or what is your user but mine is user yuossx pass 123456

  27. does anyone else poptropica account not letting you do poptropous games?? mine is not letting me 🙁

  28. mind doesn’t let me do poptropous either
    i feel for u

  29. You don’t have the one that says:A cat and a U.S. President

    • yah, he does. it’s the first one up there.

  30. are there that many in total or is there a few of those in one game show

  31. On the moon, how do you get the key card for the rock lab and where is it?

  32. i found a glitch on the new time tangled it requires flex power and the time watch first u jump and useflex at the same time you wil fly u have to be somewere other than the lab and it only works sometimes

  33. U missed ‘A cat and a US President’ (Answer: Garfield)

  34. Oh sorry, u’ve done it, I didn’t notice. (=’v’=) *blush*

    Add me, guys ! My username is hadesette and my poptropican’s name is Invisible Hero. I’ve completed… 35 (i think) islands.

  35. Hey guys,

    My username is vyissopretty
    and my name is Happy Dolphin

  36. whats the answer of he made moonwalk not michael jackson

  37. thiknoodles has completed 39 islands+BETACARROTENE THAT IS 40

  38. the band not the bugs

  39. you mised the one called 0 and 1 slowing you down?

  40. i need help with picking up the black light bulbs

  41. Thanks helped so much

  42. What’s the missing thing (s) for the chart in Zomberrie Island?

  43. u missed the question according to the tee shirt, a man with many options!Very helpful though:)

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