Poptropica Phone Numbers – 2018 Cell Phone Codes

If you’ve been to nabooti island on poptropica you know how important the cell phone is.  You can type in a bunch of secret poptropica phone numbers and get free costumes that are exclusive to the people who know the codes.  So we’ve built the complete list of working poptropica phone numbers and put them all in one place to make your lives a little bit easier.  Trust us trying to guess the right codes is almost impossible, we’ve tried and failed many times.

First off to get the poptropica cell phone you need to go to nabooti island.  Then if I remember correctly you need to go to “Giza” which is towards the upper right-hand side of  the map! You can play mancala in the cave against an old guy and when you beat him you need to go into the cave.  The cellphone should be in the bottom left-side area.

If this is wrong leave a comment on this post and let me know, that is the best I could remember when making this guide since it’s been a long time since I did it.

The Complete List

411- The brain hat.  This is basically just a brain in a glass case which sits on your head like a hat and looks a bit like something you would find in an alien or horror movie.  Also once you put it on it can be a little difficult to take off. A cool fact is that people tend to say “whats the 411” what wondering what’s going on.  So the code being 411 makes sense for a brainiac costume.

911- The police costume.  Who would have guessed that the phone number 911 would get you a police hat and the matching belt.  This one is pretty cool because it’s the only way you are able to get a gun for your character on poptropica.

1225 – The christmas costume.  This phone number gets you a santa hat and presents sack for your character.  Also some people think it looks more elfish but that’s up to you to decide.  Can you guess why the code is 1225?  Christmas is on December 25th or 12/25!

1337 – The nerd costume. This suit is the copy of Ned Noodleheads if you remember him from Super Power Island.  If you know what Leet means you would understand why they used 1337 for the code.  It’s the code name for LEET with is a gamer term for elite or awesome.

Finally the cell phone number for Vince Graves is 555-6789.  This can be used at the Giza on Nabooti Island.  When you call this phone number the boss on the island (Tomb Raiders) will move away from his bag and the other’s with him will as well.

One more thing about the poptropica cell phone, you will need to use it one more time in order to beat the Reality TV island.  You need to use it to order the pizza which you deliver to room 4B.  In that room there is a guy you need to talk too.

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  4. there is also 411 ever heard of after calling 911 cal 411 pain xD

  5. hey its found in moutains of moon not in giza

  6. The phone is on nabooti island

  7. actually u go to the mountain of the moon or something like that.

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  16. hey guys try out this cheat (ctrl+shift+p) u get a halloween pumpkin head and might wanna try it out in poptropica on halloween.

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  19. i know the costume codes 1 is drhare5000,drhare10000 and skullbook

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