New Poptropica Night Watch Costumes and Medallions

It’s been almost a week since Poptropica Night Watch Island came out.  Hopefully my guide has helped you beat the island and earn the Night Watch medallion!  According to the creator’s blog, there are now 33 Poptropica medallions available, one for each island.

Remember to check out the walkthroughs on this site if you are having trouble with any of the islands.  You’ll be able to earn all 33 in no time!

Along with the new medallion from Night Watch, there are also a bunch of new costume pieces you can get!  One of my favorites is the cat burglar costume.  It gives you a cool headlamp to wear and a grappling hook to carry.

The Poptropica creators say it’s only available for a limited time so hurry up and get it if you want!  There are tons of other new costumes but I’d say the cat burglar is my favorite.  What do you think?

Night Watch Island is only available to members for right now.  Sign up to win a free membership here if you don’t already have one!  Everyone should check out Night Watch Island because it’s awesome!



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