Poptropica Movie? More Clues For Night Watch Island

Something suspicious is going on outside the Twin Pines Mall. Take a look at this line of people camping outside the mall waiting for something…

You can tell there not just waiting in line, but camping due to the tents, chairs, and computers set up behind them. Obviously they are waiting for something important but what could it be? I’m going to guess it’s a movie release that’s part of the new poptropica night watch island. Why you ask? Well there has been a lot of clues related to movies coming out:

First off all the stuff involving the delorean and Twin Pines Mall. Both references from Back to the Future the movie.

Second there has been a sneak peak showing off the world famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater, based in Los Angeles, California. Again very movie related…

What do you all think? Maybe they are going to be releasing a new diary of a wimpy kid movie and are building up for the news! Maybe even a poptropica movie! Haha who knows but at least we should be finding out very shortly with the release of the new Night Watch Island Cheats on Poptropica!


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