Poptropica Memberships For Free – Enter The Drawing

Anyone here a fan of getting free stuff?

At PoptropicaWorld.com we sure are.  So we’ve decided to create a new weekly event for our website where we’ll give away a free poptropica membership every weekend.



Yep! Every week you can enter the drawing and we will randomly select one person and send a poptropica membership code right to their email for free!

How Do I Enter?

Entering the weekly drawing is easy.

To Enter you just need to click on the facebook, twitter, or Google plus button below.

After you finishing sharing the entry form will be revealed on this page.

Enter Here:



Thank you for sharing! Please enter your username and an email we can send the code to if you are selected as the winner!

[gravityform id=”3″ name=”WeeklyDrawing” description=”false”] [/viral-lock]

After you enter the drawing by clicking on the share buttons above and filling out the form you are good to go! We will usually be doing the drawings every weekend but we may even do multiple giveaways if we have a lot of entries!

So be sure to let your friends know since it will increase your chances to win!

Also be sure to subscribe to our social accounts so you can stay up to date with all the giveaways and contests on our website!

Let us know if you can think of any other cool promotions we could do for you guys.  Leave us a comment with your ideas and we may take the best ones and make them part of our website!

Thanks for sharing and entering the free poptropica membership drawing!



  1. Sounds awesome! I did it via Twitter, and Google Plus. I hope I get picked (My Membership expired just in time for me to not get to play PopCon 😛 ), but good luck to everyone else!

  2. Um, I tweeted it, but no form ever came down? Any tips?

  3. Uhh… I was wondering where you redeem your membership codes at on Poptropica? I have one (no, I didn’t win. I went on a website, had follow some rules,and BAM! Got it) and I was wondering where you redeem them at.

  4. Sounds really cool. Really looking forward to getting that membership. *WINK WINK*. LOL When exactly do these things get drawn, just so I know. Looks like lots of fun to enter and WIN!!!

  5. what if you don’t have a twitter facebook, or google plus, is there another way to enter for them?

  6. hi listen i really hope i get picked it kinda sucks that i cant play poptropica world every time i see it i get really irritated that i cant play it

  7. I really hope I can get membership 🙂

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