Poptropica Membership Hack 2018

There are ways to hack a free Poptropica membership is you use the right software programs. In order to hack a Poptropica membership, you must download the software needed and then run it (but only twice a day at most!)

To use it first click on the download button link and install the free software, we recommend using a windows computer for the program since that’s what it was designed to work with.

Next you should enter the account name that you need a membership for (you do not need to enter the password, it will work either way)

Why would you want a Poptropica membership? Well it grants you access to a ton of features that are not available to free users like all of the costumes and areas.

About the Poptropica Membership Hack: This software program has been proven to work but can take a couple tries for it to work. ย Sometimes we take it off the site while we are working on it so check back regularly. Check out our credit generator, promo codes, and enter for our monthly membership giveaways! ย We want to offer as many free Poptropica memberships as possible so everyone can play!

Note: The program allows you to get a free membership instead of paying a monthly fee. We are constantly working on a new ways to update the software to ensure it works. If the link is missing on this page we may be updating the poptropica membership hack software. ย To see if it’s back you can either refresh the page or come back at another time. We recommend bookmarking the page so you can access the new versions whenever you want.

  1. can u do this for me
    it isnt working for me
    username: soccerfire2001

  2. Me too, username: goyleroc

    • ive been playing poptropica for 2 years and i never got a membership please get me one to ive tryed everything i can for months and it just wont work my username is:pophackz thank you

    • me 2 lopez7781

  3. where is the software link?

  4. what is the software link where is it located

  5. this is cool really cool!


  7. Give me free membership this is my username..:-).

  8. This is my username kevin40026

  9. guthie is my user.

  10. This is weird…i think he’s just messin with us

    • I actually coded the software myself, but sometime I have to take it down when poptropica updates their servers.

  11. me me I want to have a membeship

    username: poptropica11982

  12. my username is azizsk505

  13. Umm ok so my like character name is WildDragon and my username is pretam123 and also bepasha2 thx i hope it works comment to me !!!

  14. I want membership please, my username is: Overlord_Nexus
    I would like to help you with your next hack, my skype is: Lil_Smok3r

    • Can you get me my own membership please I have been on the same account for at least 5 years and haven’t found anything that works. My username is rockpop1997

  15. Hey guys! I need help getting the membership. Can you do the hack for me? I’m not allowed to download stuff onto my computer. My Poptropica username is: BartReader

  16. Whright a membership code here PLEASE.

  17. Hey Sky can you or someone else do this hack for me??? leah10401 My Mac isn’t downloading stuff for some reason, and it would be really great to get this membership! (My bday is tommorow!!!) Friend me I look like Katniss Everdeen and my username is leah10401

  18. plz give me member ship for anything my computer is too old plz user ahmed22446688

  19. Wait, where am I supposed to type in my Username???

  20. Someone do it on my account Killer28240

  21. someone plz do this how do i download it and if u have it plz my user is abell.mes

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  27. Can you please do mine too: ilaydarocks. If you can’t that’s okay just let me know when the link will be back.

  28. I know I am not a member but y’all can friend me

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    was rote may 5 20013 at 2;55 pm

  36. Can you give me a free membership?

  37. Can someone do mine? I can’t get this on my computer. My username is hizx4

  38. My username is steveq123

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    annieward1 thankyou so much if u could :):):))))

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  70. I haven’t tried it yet but i’m not sure i should, it could eaisily be a virus or something….but if anyone can help please do… ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. my username is poptropicarollno21.please do it for me !!!!!!!!!!

  72. Please I am begging you to do my membership I have been play for 3 years and never have gotten a membership and I would really appreciate this. Username:Delsin333

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  79. Dear membership hacking creator,
    Hello, well you know that almost all poptropica free users want free membership including me ,so since you know the question ,can you please do the trick for me? Honestly ,I have been playing poptropica for 4 years

  80. can I haz membership too? :3 My username is: Castielwithashotgun and yes that is a character from the show Supernatural. hehehe I made my avatar look like Castiel! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  83. when is the download going to be back up?

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  86. I’m not sure where the download link is, and I’m having a hard time finding it lolz. Do you think you can give me membership also? My username is: AngelGenesis96
    I would really appreciate it if you could. ๐Ÿ˜€ If you do, thanks so much! ๐Ÿ˜€

  87. The link is the green button the says “start download free version”

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    • There are actually 2 of them so don’t confuse them for only 1 username

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    • Hey, I won’t change your password, but, man, you put your real password and username! You are brave. Oh yeah, nobody changed you password and neither will I. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  138. What is the software required for it?

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  240. Really? Poptropica Membership can be hacked? I didn’t know that. And when was Poptropica Membership created? In the United States, Poptropica started on July 2007. And the rest of the world, September 2007. I got this information from Wikipedia.

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