Poptropica Math Games

There aren’t actually math games within Poptropica itself, but if you go FunBrain, a division of Poptropica, they have a Math Arcade with 25 different games to choose from all math related! That is where you will find all the Poptropica Math Games! Use this link to see them all!

To beat the Math Arcade, you basically beat all 25 games. As you beat them, you will make your way through a board game. To get to the next game though, you need to beat the one you are on! I will step you through all of the games but realize that they are always random math questions. I will simply tell you the different games and make sure you know how to play them!

Bubble Numbers – All you need to do is move your bumble bee in front of the wind. When you do this s number will appear, pick it up and drop it into the flower that has the correct calculation for that number!

Moon Rocks – All you need to do is move your mouse over a rock on the left and blow it up. Then try to match it to a rock on the right. This is basically trial and error!

Pig Toss – Move your distance and height coordinator to ensure when you launch the big it lands in the farmers arms! Another trial and error math game!

Math Basketball – All you need to do here is answer 3 division questions!

Inkster – All you need to do here is look at the equation that they give you, then move your squid to pick of the number that fits in the blank!

Mummy Hunt 1 – Match the equation with the correct number by hitting the arrow buttons on each side!

Night Swimmers – Swim into the fish that is carrying the correct answer to the math question.

Math Soccer – Answer the question and then pick where you want to shoot. Do this 3 times and you win!

Revealer – Answer the math questions and when you can, guess what is in the picture! It was a shark for me.

Ball Hogs – They will show you an equation. When the players stop hitting the balls, numbers will start to appear. When the correct answer appears, press the space bar. Win 6 and you win.

Puzzler – Put the number sin order form lowest to highest.

Brain Break – Match the fun bran cards!

Mummy Hunt 2 – Move the chains so that the answer is to the right of the math question and press submit. Do this 5 times.

Bumble Numbers 2 – Basically the same as the first Bumble Numbers.

Inkster 2 – Do the same things as you did in the first Inkster.

Moon Rocks 2 – Do the same thing you did in Moon Rocks 1!

Revealer 2 – Do the exact same thing you did in the first Revealer.

Mummy Hunt 3 – Match the the answers with the questions but hitting the lion heads!

Ball Hogs 2 – Do the same thing as in Ball Hogs 1.

Puzzler 2 – Same thing as in the first Puzzler Math game.

Brain Break 2 – Just keep the bubbles from hitting the ground with your mouse! Get through three rounds and you win!

Night Swimmers 2 – Do the exact same thing as you did in the first game. There will just be harder questions.

Moon Rocks 3 – Do what you did in the first two. There will just be more rocks and harder questions.

Mummy Hunt 4 – Create an equation that actually works!

That is all the Poptropica Math Games that are in the FunBrain Math Arcade! I hope I helped.

  1. It would be awesome if this gave you prizes on poptropica!

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