Poptropica Lunar Colony Island Walkthrough & Cheats

In this Lunar Colony Island Walkthrough, you are going to go on a space adventure to the moon and back. You will play games where you have to dodge asteroids, land lunar equipment on the moon, find Alien Monoliths and much more.

This astronaut adventure is one of my favorite islands on Poptropica. On your way to the moon while dodging asteroids your ship will get damaged and you will have to fix it! That is just one of many of the adventures you will run into!

Run to the right until you see the “Meet an Astronaut” sign.  Click on the bottle of fizzy drink on the table.  Keep going to the right until you get to the PASE mission control building with the sleeping security dog out front.  Go inside the building.

Talk to the lady with the clipboard.  When the boss asks you who you are, reply “What do”.  He says you need to find something to calm the astronaut’s stomach.  Exit the building and run back to the left until you get to the “Meet an Astronaut” table.

Pick up the bottle of ginger ale sitting on the table and head back to the right until you see the large red elevator.  Click the green button to call the elevator down then the red button to go up.

Walk to the right and enter the rocket.  Take out the ginger ale and give it to the astronaut.  The astronaut runs out of the ship and leaves you inside.  Pick up the headset to the right to talk to mission control.

Click on the seat to sit down and strap in.   Adjust each of the boosters to 4150 pounds of thrust.  When the fuel tank gets low, click on the yellow switch on the left side.  Adjust the middle lever to 112 degrees so you are flying at the right angle.

Release the second fuel tank by clicking the other yellow switch.  All of the sudden there is an asteroid shower!  Steer the ship to avoid hitting any of the asteroids.  You have to get out to repair your fuel tank.  Find the tool kit in this compartment.

Float down below the ship to where the gas leak is.  Hold your mouse button down to cover the leak in the gas tank and repair it.  Now you have to land the lunar lander on the moon.

Try to land gently on the moon then get out and walk to the right.  Enter the chamber and continue walking to the right.  Go inside of the Vehicle Bay and jump up to the second level.  Click on the lockers to find an Operator’s Manual.

Now exit the vehicle bay and enter the barracks to the right.  Walk to the right until you see the ladder.  Climb up to the top floor and take out the Operator’s Manual.

Click on the computer screen on the left then enter this code on the keypad to the right: Solid square, hollow square, circle, X.  This will reboot the computer.  Slide the lever on the left up to open the Vehicle Bay Doors.  Get off of the computer and climb down one level to where the beds are.

Walk over to the left and pick up the notebook sitting in one of the beds.  Now exit the barracks and enter the Vehicle Bay.  Climb up to the top of the room and click on this yellow hexagon.

Jump over to the right side of the room and tilt the mirror upward a little bit.

Adjust all three mirrors so that it sends a beam down to the rover to give it a charge.

Enter the rover and drive to the right until you see this structure.

Hook up your winch to the piece of asteroid that is blocking the doorway.  Enter the Lunar Laboratory and click on the green computer screen at the left side of the room.  Read both documents on the computer then get off it.

Jump up to the top of the room then over to the right to the Eye Color Changing Station.  Change your eye color to the purple one at the very bottom.  Jump back over to the left and click on this green lever, then get inside the pressure chamber.

Then click on the orange lever while you are still in the chamber.  This will shrink you down.  Drop down to the ground and jump through the small gap to your left.  Enter the door and move to the left.

Connect yourself to the red hose and make your way over to the area in the picture below.  Then click on this pipe.

The locator device will come out of the air vent.  Then exit through the door that says Bio-Waste on it.  Drop down and exit the Lunar laboratory, get back in the rover.  Look at your map and head to the location that is blinking red.

Enter the building and move to the right.  Click the cork dispenser at the end of the hallway to pick up a cork.  Now float up to the top of the room and put the cork in the jet near the ladder.

Go up the ladder then click on Salerno to talk to her.  She refuses to go with you and jumps out of the ship.  Salerno drops a PASE key card, pick it up and exit the room the way you came in.  Leave the building and get back in the rover.

Follow Salerno to the base and go inside.  Use the red arrow to aim the ramp downward.  Go down the ramp and do the same thing at the next platform to point the ramp down.

Do this one more time until you get to the ground floor.  Walk to the right and click on the green arrow to point the ramp down to you.  Go up the ramp and do the same thing until you see a door to your right.

Go through this door and start taking the covers off of items in the lab.  Knock one of the large poles over so you can reach the platform at the top left.  You’ll find a Geiger counter under the blanket there.

Push the Geiger counter down the ramp to the rover.  Get in the rover and drive to the left.  Get out to examine the area marked by a purple X.  Hook up a rope from your rover to the large rock stuck in the ground.

When you pull it out, it turns out to be a giant purple pillar.  Get back in the rover and follow the beam of light until it crosses another beam.  Hop out and examine where the two beams cross.  Salerno appears and digs a hole in the ground.

You both fall down the hole.  Walk to the right until you see the pink screen.  Click on the area below it to activate the switch.

Salerno jumps through the portal and travels to another world.  They bring you back to the mission control station and thank you for trying to save Salerno.  Then a transmission comes in that shows her a live and well!  You are awarded the Lunar Colony Island Medallion for your heroic act!

So there is the video and written walkthough of Lunar Colony island! I hope you got through everything easily and that it helped you.

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