Poptropica Lands Preview out today & Themes of the Land competition!

Hey everyone! If you haven’t heard, Poptropica Lands: Public Preview for everyone is coming out today! On the front page the creators have a countdown until the island comes out!

From what I’m seeing on the countdown, the preview will come out at 11am PST, 12 pm MST, 1 pm CST, and 2 pm EST. Also, remember in an earlier post where I said non-members can send in creations to the creators’ and get mentioned on the creator’s blog? Well, the creators’ made themes for the Land challenge! Here’s a pic of it below:

As you can tell, the creators’ made four different themes where you can challenge yourself to make a great creation at 4-day time periods between October 16 and 30. You can send in these creations to the creators, and they will decide if it gets mentioned on the creator’s blog! Here’s the themes listed:

  • Dream Home — October 16-19
  • Village — October 20-23
  • Obstacle Course — October 24-26
  • Haunted — October 27-30

Anyway, that’s it! I hope you have a great day on Poptropica Lands everyone!

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