Poptropica Lands: Best Obstacle Courses, Best Haunted Houses, Arabian Nights Ep.2 info & More Shrink Ray SUI info!

Hey everyone! The Best of the Poptropica Land’s Obstacle Courses have been announced on the Creators’ Blog! There are some pretty cool ones in here, and I think this has some of the best builds out of all the challenges! Here’s the winners! (click to enlarge and view captions)

Also, congrats to Serious Bird, who was is featured in the best Obstacle Courses & Village Homes. He also won the readers’ poll for his Village Home! While giving congratulations, Congrats to Silver Lightning for being the readers’ choice for the best Obstacle Course! A couple of days after the best of Poptropica Land’s Obstacle Courses were announced, the creators announced the best of Poptropica Land’s Haunted land!

Wow! I really love Fearless Lizard’s Factory, but from what the readers’ poll shows, they totally disagree with me. This was a landslide, congrats to Fast Lizard with 34% of the vote!

  • Brave Owl (15%)
  • Cuddly Ring (3%)
  • Dangerous Tooth (6%)
  • Fast Lizard (34%)
  • Fearless Lizard (11%)
  • Friendly Raptor (2%)
  • Invisible Octopus (3%)
  • Popular Fish (3%)
  • Prickly Fish (9%)
  • Red Singer (10%)

From what the creators said at the end of the post, Poptropica Land public preview is now closed, and we are preparing for an official launch next year! Let’s hope and see how great it is! In other news, Arabian Nights Episode 2: The Forty Thieves (the creators haven’t released the name yet hehe) comes out for members on November 25th,which is a Tuesday and not a Thursday, hmm? For everyone, it comes out December 11th which is 3 weeks later on a Thursday.


Finally last, but not least, remember when I said Shrink Ray is being remade into and SUI? Well it is confirmed!

Shrink Ray Island will soon be re-released with a bigger screen, sounds, and everything the new islands have! From what the creators said on an official tweet, this update is coming in November, I think it will either be on Nov.6 or Nov. 13 because Arabian Nights Ep.2 is coming out on Nov. 25! Also, The official Tour page has been redone, and now with a desktop wallpaper and printable poster

Also, with the desktop wallpaper & printable poster, members can now claim two new free Store costumes: the Milk Box and Bottle Cap!


You may remember these costumes from an “Inside Poptropica” video. Also, the creators have re-uploaded the Shrink Ray Island trailer, but it is same as the previous. I am really happy about this: Shrink Ray will come as a one-part island, instead of an episodic island. Anyway, that’s it! I hope you have a great day!



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