Poptropica is Celebrating Valentines Day

It is almost February 14 and you know what that means right? Valentines Day is almost here again. The world of Poptropica can’t go without celebrating can they? No! That is why they are featuring specific Valentines Day items in the game store. Have you check them out yet?

These items are basically heart themed but have some pretty crazy powers! There is a love potion and a heart like costume that you can purchase.

The love potion does just what you would think! It casts a love spell on anyone that you choose which makes them love you forever! The costume basically places a heart on your cloths wherever you want. It is called the Big Hearted Costume.

So where do you get these items? Well all you need to do is check out the Poptropica Game Online Store. Just sign in to your account and you will have access to them. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day then to spice up your character!

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