Poptropica HD-3D – April Fools!

Today, Poptropica Creators announced a huge new mod for the game – Poptropica HD-3D!

Turn your boring two-dimensional gameplay into high-definition, 3D graphics.  On the Creator’s blog they said “You won’t believe your eyes!”  Well, you shouldn’t believe your eyes because I’m pretty sure this is Poptopica’s April Fools joke!  Check out the comparison screenshot below!

At first, I thought this was real until I read further and saw the glasses that you need to buy.  In order to experience the new graphics, you have to buy a pair of Poptropica HD 3D glasses, for only $999.95!  Seems like a pretty reasonable price…

They even had Jeff Kinney, the creator of Poptropica, endorse the new glasses on the blog.  “I fully endorse this property and/or product.” said Kinney.  Sounds legit.

Poptropica HD-3D sounds like a cool idea but the price of the glasses and the date of the announcement leads me to believe it’s just an April Fools prank.  Nice going, Poptropica Creators!  Now quit messing around and give us some more info on Back Lot Island!  I’ll update as soon as I hear more.


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  1. Equip the Clapboard, hit spacebar and jump straight up. You should be able to jump on air

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