Poptropica Haunted House Walkthrough & Cheats

Hey everyone!  It’s that time of year again for the Poptropica Haunted House!  Here’s a full walkthrough guide for the haunted house.  It’s a spooky Halloween adventure, if you haven’t played it yet you should!  It’s free for everyone to play!


When you get to the haunted house, it will be locked. You’ll see a bat flying around with the key.

Climb up to the top of the house and you’ll grab the key from the bat. Climb back down to the ground and go to the left side of the house.

Use the key to unlock the cellar entrance. Click on the boiler pieces to turn them and connect them.


Jump on top of the boiler and use the steam to jump up to the shelf. Pick up the poison bottle.
Go upstairs until you see the spider on the ground. Click on it to knock the broom from the witches hands.
Jump onto the broom and use it to fly all the way to the top floor of the house. Walk to the left and you’ll see a treasure chest, click on it and you’ll have to solve a puzzle to open it.
The puzzle is like a rubiks cube. Just keep rotating the pieces until they turn into a skull. Once you complete the puzzle, you’ll find a challis in the treasure chest.
Go down one level and answer the phone. It gives you a clue that says “Darkness fills the grave, find our light when midnight strikes twice.” Walk to your left and click on the two clocks above the fireplace.
You have to get both clocks to chime at exactly midnight. This can be hard so take your time. When you move your mouse over the clock, the time speeds up. Use this to get both clocks to chime at midnight.
When you get both clocks to chime at the same time, you’ll find a lantern in the fireplace. Pick it up and head back down to the basement. Walk to the left and you’ll see a barrel of kerosene, click on it to fill up your lantern.
Go back upstairs until you see the two suits of armor in the hallway. Jump onto the one on the right to knock his pick axe from his hand.


Pick up the axe and go down to the kitchen. Click on the freezer to get some ice from it. Walk to the right and talk to the cat again. The cat tells you to bring the treasures to where the cherub cries.
Go back outside and find the big statue of a crying cherub. Go down into the ground next to the statue.
You’ve found the Ghoul Gala Halloween Party! You get 50 credits and unlock the Zombify costume option!


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  3. Violins????

  4. THANK YOU! I just completed this!

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  6. Finished It. thanks!

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