Poptropica Four Winds Islands Cheats Walkthrough – IOS Game

Hey everyone! It’s time for yet another walkthrough or cheat guide for one of the Forgotten Islands on the IOS Poptropica game! The island group I am going to help you get through today is the Four Winds Islands. To start, enter the Four Islands Group and go to the bottom left island. There should be a red arrow pointing you there and a purple scroll over the island when you get there!

When you enter the island, head right until you get to the person with a purple scroll over her head. She will ask you if you have seen her boss whom is an explorer. She will then ask you that if you find a chair, to bring it to her boss!

Four Winds Island Cheats (2)

Once you have finished talking to the woman above, go left and not too far you will run into another person. He will stop you and ask if you talked to his assistant. He will then tell you that he needs to get back to finding the chair. Once you are done talking to him, run left and not too far away you will find a basic chair sitting on the ground!

Four Winds Island Cheats (1)

Pick up the chair and then head back to the explorer. Now he can sit down and take a rest from everything that he has been doing! That is it! I know it was short but the explorer really needed to take a break! For helping him out, you will get 100 Poptropica Credits.

Four Winds Island Cheats (3)

How was the the Four Winds Islands for you!? Pretty easy wasn’t it! Don’t forget to connect with us through our Social Media accounts and come back soon for the next cheats walkthrough.

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