Poptropica Flotsam Islands Cheats & Walkthrough – IOS Game

In the Flotsom Island Group, you will go face to face with some pirates that steal whatever they can get their hands on! Help the people of Flotsam get back what was stolen. Below you will find the Flotsam Island Cheat Walkthrough.

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Flotsam Islands Walkthrough Guide

When you get to the Flotsam Island group, go to the main island with a yellow scroll above it. Start traveling to your right until you get in front of a big white building. There should be a man standing in front of this building with a yellow scroll above his head. This man’s name is Eastman and he is the mayor of Flotsam. Talk to him!

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Eastman will tell you that they have no supplies but that there might be some scattered across the islands of Flotsam. After he tells you this, head right until you get to the pirate. Talk to him.

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Once the pirate is done threatening you, continue traveling to the right to look for supplies. The first two supplies that you will find are the canteen and the sleeping bag. Keep traveling to the right and you will find the lantern not to far away.

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Once you have found the lantern, which is the last supply, head back to the town with them where you should find the mayor with a yellow scroll above his head. Talk to him and he will tell you to wait at his home with him. His home is the big white house we were at earlier. The big white house will be back to your right. Go there now!

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He will act a little weird and then begin apologizing to you and telling you that they made him do it. You are not sure what is going on. So now head back to town to find out. This will be to your left. When you get to town, stop and talk to the girl with the yellow scroll above her head. She will tell you that all of the supplies you found got stolen by the pirates while the mayor distracted you.

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Now it makes sense why the mayor was acting so weird. The girl goes on to tell you that the pirates live on the northwestern island of the Flotsam island group. Click on your map icon and go to that island! It will have a yellow scroll over it.

Once you get to the Northwest Island, start traveling right until you get to the cannon. You will then notice that the pirate camp is ahead.

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You decide that you are going to look around and see what you can find. Right away you will find all of your supplies sitting on the ground. Go ahead and pick them up. When you do, the pirate will come confront you.

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Talk to the pirate and he will tell you that you are stealing. You will then find out from him that the villagers are planning a raid on the pirates and that the pirates are going to ambush them. You need to warn everyone! Head to your right and warn the first lady. Once you have warned her, there will be four more people to your left. Warn them all!

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When you have warned all 5 of the villagers, head back to the main island using your map icon. Head to the big white house and talk to the mayor. He will thank you and give you another artifact (The Trinity Revenge Artifact) for what you did for them. You will also receive 200 credits.

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Flotsam Islands Side Mission Cheats Guide

To do the side mission of the Flotsam islands, go to the island within the group that has a purple scroll over it. When you get there, start traveling to your right until you get to the man with a purple scroll above his head. Talk to him and he will tell you that there is buried treasure allover the island. He will also mention that he thinks the pirates stole it but he and his colleagues are trying to find it anyway.

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Now you need to find all of the treasure and bring it back to all of his colleagues. The first treasure is just to your left and is a fancy television. Keep going left and you will find a doubloon (real pirate gold) which is on top of the wooden/stone structure. The last treasure you will find are gold coins and can be found by the half built pyramid on the ground level.

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Once you have all of the treasure’s, go left and talk to the first lady colleague. She will make sure that all of the treasure is returned to its rightful owner.

That’s it for the Side Mission of Flotsam Islands! You should get 100 credits for completing it. How did the cheat walkthrough help you out?


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