Upcoming Poptropica events next month & Poptropica Comics Island?

Hey everyone! This post & the next one are going to be filled with all the behind-the-scenes info & Poptropica Updates you can get! Taking advantage of all the sneak peeks, I decided to ask Poptropica on Twitter about next month’s first island/episode of the year for Poptropica. They responded back-but with the whole month’s info & some of February’s too!


As you see above, they have a lot of stuff planned for the month of January, but there’s one thing, where’s PoptropiCon..? There hasn’t been an episode since Oct.23! They responded it’s coming out in Late February, I asked why, and they said because of Poptropicaa Realms & Mobile Updates! Here’s a quick and easy timeline of the responses that Poptropica gave for the month of January’s plans:

  1. Arabian Nights Ep.2: Lair of Thieves Mobile out early January
  2. Shrink Ray Mobile out week of January 12-16 (probably out on Thursday January  15)
  3. Poptropica Realms (second part of Poptropica Land…but with planets!) out on January 15th also?
  4. Galactic Hot Dog Island out for members on the last week of January (January 26-30, probably coming out on Thursday, January 29)
  5. Common rooms on mobile in the beginning/middle of February
  6. PoptropiCon Ep.3: Reign of Omegon out for members in the last week of the month! (February 23-27, probably out on Thursday February 26)

Also, the creators have posted a sneak peek of what appears to be a Poptropica Comics Island/Ad with Jorge & Oliver (as Poptropicans!) in the picture? What does this mean? Tell me what you think in the comments below!



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