Poptropica Costume & Clothing Cheats – 2018 Update

Below are some of the cheats I have put together to get different clothing and costume items within the game of Poptropica for 2018. If you are a member, some of these are already owned by you. If you are not, you can get them by following the steps under each item I talk about! There are also hidden clothing items that I talk about that you do not have as a member!

Hypnotic Costume

The Hypnotic Costume is already owned by members. So how do you get it if you are not a member? Well go to the Early Poptropica Island and make your way to the Poptropica Towers. Find the green tower and jump up to the fourth story. You should see a window pane towards the middle that has a orange flower pot on it. Simply click on the window in the top left corner and you should get the costume!

The Hidden Skull Mask

To get this clothing item, you need to go to Legendary Swords, which is a mini-adventure game on Poptropica. Enter the cave and go past the first cave area into the second. You should be close to where you found the first Legendary Sword if you have played this game. Now go left and jump upwards until you come to a brown space which is filled with fossils of some sort. Now continue left until you find the Skull Mask!

The Viking Suit

You need to get to Time Tangled Island for this costume item. Get your time device out and go to the Viking time period which should be 1831 AD. Walk to the cave area making sure not to go inside. Not go into your items and put on the glider you should have gotten from Leonardo’s workshop. Jump up to the right side of the cave and use the glider to jump from Viking Mountain to a ledge where the Viking suit should be hidden in the upper right corner.

Get the Dog Beard

You need to go to Lunar Colony Island to get this. When you get to this island, click on the dog that is outside of the Mission Control. Right after you click on the dog, click on the “friends” button. Click on your first friend immediately. Simply click on the customize button within the “friends” area and customize your dog beard. You may have to try this a few times before you get it down!

Mr. Yoshi Costumes

You need to go to Game Show Island for this. When you get there, go on the “Mr. Yoshi” game show in Tokyo. Pick a costume out of either the Baby, the Chicken, or the Bowling Ball and press CTRL + SHIFT + S which should start changing your skin color. Keep playing the game show. After you are done and ready to leave, you should be able to keep which ever costume you want to.

Pumpkin Head Costume

Just press CTRL + SHIFT + P to get a pumpkin head costume.

I hope all of these clothing and costume cheats work for you for 2018! I will try to add more as I find them out!

  1. love this its the best 14 but still playing poptropica

    • I allready got all of them but the viking suit i want to know how to get the glider

      • to get the glider you have to go on time tangled island and go to the thomas edison era. after you return his phonograph to him, he will give you a glider. go to the viking era and put it on. Jump to the top of the mountain and jump off. You will glide and be able to land on the mountain where the viking suit is.

        • It’s incorrect,you need to go to Leonardo Da Vinci’s House Era,and give him her Notes,so he will give you his glider.

    • 17 and still playing poptropica 🙂

  2. wow they worked

    • the early poptropica one worked i got a membr costume!

  3. I like my costume to be captain crawfis

  4. I have no idea and I already knew the HYPNOTIC costume.

  5. go to 24 carrot and change hair color 6 times! press ctrl shift s 3!!!! i hate capitals….

  6. OMG this tells me EVERYTHING !!!!!!

  7. like omg they worked

  8. coolio same for a beard

  9. Guess



  11. nice but i dont like lendaganary swords and i dont like timetangled island also i have the hypnotznic glasses

  12. i got all the things i wanted!!!

  13. i keep getting confused where is leonados workshop

  14. thanks these cheats are great! especially the hypnotic suit one. sposed to be for members but i guess i can get it to because i put it on! YAYA

  15. in poptropica there are 6 villians now

  16. I have 3 of the 20 rarest items in poptropica. I have the hyonotic suit, the viking suit and the brain hat.

  17. so cool

  18. i <3 this website.

  19. The dog beard thing is not working. Help!!!

  20. Also, you can get a beard by drinking the beard brew from Wild West Island and saving it to the costume keeper before it disappears.

  21. thanks for helping get those items they are awesome

  22. Hey i already knew this stuff. But Thanks!! I love Poptropica!

  23. Ctrl P gives me a pumpkin head

  24. I already knew time tangled one and early poptropica one

  25. Hey, I really want the elf ears from the elf costume, but it’s not in the store anymore, also the customize anything glitch doesn’t work anymore. is there any way i could get the elf costume, or at least the ears from the costume? If anyone can give me an answer, that would be great!

  26. did he update those promo codes

  27. The last one doesent work

  28. gimme codes

  29. this was sooooooooooo AWESOME!!!! i never thought id ever get to get membership things. THANKS A BUNCH!

  30. The VIKING SUIT is in 0831 A.D. There should be some correction on that.

  31. Ya ok

  32. To change your hair color, press CTRL + SHIFT + H. If you want to change your avatar randomly, press CTRL + SHIFT + R.

  33. the viking costume is awesome


  35. on the new 24 carrot, if you drink the hair color drink your eyes will be stuck closed, like the lady who sells the bonsai trees in red dragon. u can fix this by pressing ctrl+shift+r.

  36. you can’t get closed eyes anymore, so i guess i’m the ONLY POPTROPICAN WITH CLOSED EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    username: emilizzle

    • my character was like that just click around or change clouthes

  37. stop stop the music i ride fast as a bullet ill do anything you want uh uh uh

  38. I have a new promo its pop6birthday
    it dose work

  39. it said i got the applebeez pie costume but i did not get it because it was not in my invintory.

  40. MY HOO

  41. but how do you get the dog beard with a slow comp.

  42. On 24 Carrot Island, in the resturant, drink something, and your hair will change colors.


  44. If you go to the aztec place on time tangled island, go to the far right pyramid and at the top a guy with a head band is there. he will hand you the head band

  45. if you press CTRL + SHIFT + P you get a pumpkin head

  46. POPTROPICA RULES!!!!! I’m gonna be eleven been playin for two to three years

  47. I had all of this already.

  48. I can’t seem to get the pumpkin head… I’ve tried ctrl+shift+p and ctrl+p. Can someone make it clearer for me please!?!?

  49. HA HA HA! Im ascary phantom with the hypno Guy hair.Its

  50. this is amazing {=

  51. Thank you very much, they worked

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