Full Poptropica Cheats & Walkthrough for Nabooti Island

Nabooti Island of Poptropica lets you travel across Africa searching for lost jewels that have amazing magical powers. This adventure is a lengthy one that is split up into 3 parts. Make sure to read through the full written Nabooti Island walkthrough below for some cheats and help! you can also view the video guide if you would like!

Poptropica Nabooti Island Walkthrough Part 1

Getting Through The Museum

When you first get to Nabooti Island you will need to enter the door on your left with a face on it. This will enter you to The Museum. Once you are here, go left and use the rope to get to the next level down. Now run right and talk to the first guy you see. Ask him why most of the jewels are missing. He will ask you if you are interested in becoming their adventurer to recover the lose jewels. Tell him you are interested! You will then receive a Map of Africa. Now exit The Museum the same way you came in.

Once you have exited go left, jump to the ground and continue left until you get to the plane. Jump in it and fly to Mountain of the Moon on your map. It will be a couple countries over to your right and down just a bit.

How to Pass Mountain of the Moon

Once you get here, run left but watch out for the goats. You need to jump over them but if you do not time it perfect they will hit you! When you get to the mountain spot like in the picture below, stand under it and let the goat hit you so you land on the top of this mountain.

Now go right using the tree tops until you see a grass level you can jump up to. Talk to the black lady standing there on your left. She will tell you she is collecting Cactus Eggs and she cannot reach one. So go left a bit and you will see one up and to your right. Jump up and get it. Now run right going past the lady until you get to the place like in the picture below.

Now run left using the grass platforms so you do not fall down a level. When you get to the mountains wwith snow on them, jump up to those. Watch out for the falling boulder. Follow your arrow going right jumping on the different snow top platforms and through the area that is all snow. You will see a man dropping boulders above you. Jump up to him using the snow top platforms and talk to him. He will then make you play a game against him to get into the cave.

Here is a secret cheat for you. You will be the bottom row. I will label the rows left to right. The far left is 1 and the far right is 6. To beat him click the numbers in this order when it is your turn: 4, 1, 3, 5, 4, 1, 4, 3. You win and can now enter the cave! Once in the cave drop down all the way to the ground and you will find a Cell Phone. Now jump up the snow to platforms t the top but instead of jumping back to the cave entrance, jump to your right like in the photo below.

Use the tops to keeping jumping all the way to your right. When you get to the end you will find a Red Jewel!Now go left and exit the cave the way you came in. Once you have exited the cave, jump all the way down to the ground to the right. Now run left until you get to the water fall and jump down again. Run right and get on the plane and go to Blue Nile Falls up and to the right on your map.

Getting Passed Blue Nile Falls

Get off your plane and use the grass topped platforms to jump to the top of the mountain right behind where you are standing. Grab the Egyptian Blue Lily. Now go to the ledge of the mountain to your right. Jump as far as you can to the right and you should land on another grass topped platform on a mountain. Now climb to the top of this mountain and talk to the guy with the fox and ask him how you can help. Play the mini game by following my secret tips below.

  • First bring the chicken to the other side of the mountain and then drag the basket back.
  • Next, take the feed over the left side and bring the chicken back.
  • Now, take the fox over and bring the empty basket back.
  • Finally, bring the chicken back to the left side of the mountain.

He will tell you that there is a bush on the right side of the level as a reward. Walk to the right ledge of the mountain top you are on and jump as far right as you can. You should land on a spot like in the picture below.

The bush will disappear and you can then enter the cave behind it. Once in the cave jump to the right using the tiny platforms. You need to do this kind of quick though because spiky rocks will fall from the top and hit you if you don’t. When you get all the way to the right you will find the Purple Jewel. Now you need to get back to your plane. Exit the cave the same way you came in. Now just drop down to the ground and run to your plane which is on the far left.

Take the plane all the way back to Nabooti which is to your far left on your map. Once you get to Nabooti, run to your right until you get to the lady wearing the orange outfit. Trade your Blue Lily for a Desert Turban. That’s it for part 1 of the Nabooti Island walkthrough. Keep reading for more!

Part 2 of Nabooti Island Written Walkthrough

How to Get Through Giza

Take your plane to Giza which is on the far right and a bit up on your map. When you get there, put on your Desert Turban. Run right until you get to a guy standing next to a door. Talk to him and he will give you a shovel. Now go into your item menu and look at the shovel. You will see a number on it! Type that number into your cell phone and call it! Here is a cheat for you. The number is 5556789. Now the a man will try to find the phone that you just called and the workers will run away. Run over to the tent to your right and click on the bag on the ground. You will get a Moon Stone.

Now run back to your left and jump to the top of the mountain that had the door on it. When you get to the very top of this pyramid, use your Moon Stone. It will open the door on the ground. Jump down and enter this door. Walk to all the way to your right and you will come to a brown stone with lines on it. Click on it and you will have to play a mini game. Beat the mini game by using the step by step guide below:

  • Click on the first line (farthest left)
  • Click on the third line from the left
  • Click on the last line (farthest right)

Now continue right jumping to the platform up to your right and enter the area when you get to the end like in the picture below.

Use the ledges to jump to the top of this area and then continue running left. You will come to a platform with four square rocks on it. Jump up to this platform. Use the steps below to get past this puzzle.

  • Push the last block (farthest to your right) down to the ground and then push it way left past the edge of the platform.
  • Now you need to push the first two blocks down to your left and then push them right until they are past the edge of the platform above you.
  • Now get between these two blocks and push the first block back over to the left so it touches the other one.
  • Jump up to the platform and push the last block down to the right.
  • Now go down and get on the right side of the farthest block on your right. Push it towards the middle until it lines up with the picture on the wall.
  • Now go to the left side of the blocks on the left and push them to the middle so they line up with the images on the wall.

If you did this right, a passage will open to your left. Go to the right side of the square stones you were just moving and push them all the way left to the edge so you can jump up to this passage. Run left a bit, jump down and then walk left under the platform with symbols on its sections. You will need to jump up five platforms but you need to land on specific stones or you will not get there. See the cheats below for which stones to jump on.

  • First jump up to the stone 2 over from the left.
  • Next jump to the stone farthest to the left.
  • Then jump to the stone 3 over from the left.
  • Finally jump up to the stone farthest to the right.

Now jump to the platform above you and walk over the rope to your left. Use it to exit this area. Once you get to the new area, jump to your right. In this final room it gets pretty tricky. There are four columns in this area each that have a switch on it. When you hit the switches, sand starts falling to fill the room. However, you need to do this in the correct order or it does not work. Let me give you another secret and tell you the order of you need to hit the switches in! The fourth, the second, the third and finally the first. When all the switches have been hit, the sarcophagus will open and there will be a Blue Nabooti Jewel in it. Go grab it and then make your way back to the plane!

Beating Kaya Forests

Take the plain to the Kaya Forests which are down to your right on your map. Once you are here, run to your second hut to the right and jump on top of it. Now jump up and to your right and there will be a Gold Nugget there! Now jump back to the ground and take out your Opuntia Fruit. Run over to the hut on your left and put it on the ground. The huge turtle will now walk over to the fruit. Take out your shovel and go to where the turtle was laying down.

Dig down and you will find an Ebony Elephant.A couple ghosts will appear. Talk to the one on your left and ask him what you can do to help. Now run to your plane and take it back to Nabooti. When you get here, run right to the lady in purple. You will trade the Ebony Elephant for a Fingo. Now run to the lady two over on your right. She will give you a Digital camera in exchange for your Gold Nugget. That is it for part 2! Keep reading for the last part of this island.

Written Walkthrough for Nabooti Island Part 3

Completing the Kaya Forests

Take your plane back to the Kaya Forests. When you get here, run back to the two ghosts and talk to the one on the left and tell him you have the Fingo. He will give you the Green Jewel! Now run back to your plane.

Getting Through Safari

Take your plane to Safari which is right above where you are now on your map. When you get here, run right until you get to Bit Zeke’s Wild Safari. Talk to Big Zeke and tell him you can help. he will tell you he needs photos of 7 different animals. Look at the cheat guide below to find out where all these animals are!

  • There is an elephant all the way to the right of the forest.
  • You will see a giraffe towards the middle on the left of a tree.
  • There will be a zebra to the left of the giraffe
  • You can find a bird in the top left corner of the forest.
  • There is a gazelle in the bottom right corner. It will pop up after awhile.
  • Find a crocodile in the stream. He will also pop up after awhile.
  • There is a lion to the right of the zebra hiding in some bushes.

Big Zeke will give you a Miner’s Hard Hat for helping him out. Now run back to your plane!

Getting Passed Diamond Mines

Take your plane to Diamond Mines which is on the way bottom of your map. Once you get here, put on your Minor’s Hard Hat. Now run right as far as you can until you get to a machine.

Hit the button like shown in the picture above. Now go back to the left and run up the pyramid there. When you get to the top jump on the scaffold to your right. Run to the right and then jump down to a grassy platform. Keep running until you get to a barrel with flames on it and jump on it. Now jump up and you will enter another area. use ledges and platforms to jump to your right until you get to a place like in the image below.

Jump to the top of this area but watch out for the explosive carts! When you get to the way top, enter the area where the explosive carts are coming from. When you get down here, jump to the left of the barrel on your left and push it all the way to the right until it stops against a bolder. Now walk over and push the green button to your left. It will blow the boulder up! Now jump to the left of the barrel on your left again that just reappeared. Push it as far right as you can against a wall of rocks. Now go press the green button again and the wall will blow up. Run all the way to the right and enter that area.

In this area push the cart until the track starts to angle down and then jump into it. It will take you to another section where you are riding the cart. Make sure to duck when it gets close to the ceiling and to jump when there are jump signs! When you get to the next area, go all the way to the right and then jump up to your left two times. There will be some diamonds on the ground. Click on them and use the magnifying glass to find the Nabooti Jewel! It will be on the far left! I’m not going to cheat and tell you the exact one though! When you find it, take it.

Now use the rope to exit and then get back in your plane and take it back to Nabooti. Get out of your plane and run to the right and enter the Museum using the rope. Run to the left and drop down and then run to the right and talk to the guy there. Now you need to place the jewels in the proper order using the clues on the right. Here are some secret hints for you: Blues goes first (closest to the bottom), then white, red, green and purple.

That’s it! You will now get 100 credits and a medallion. How did my step by step walkthrough guide help you get through Poptropica’s Nabooki Island?!

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