Poptropica Cheats for Astro Knights Island – Full Walkthrough

Astro Knights Island is one of the longest adventures in the game. What you do on this island in Poptropica is rescue a princess who has been kidnapped. This is not an easy walkthrough by any means. But if you are ready to try to beat it, I have put together a great step by step walkthrough guide of Astro Island to help you. Check it out below! Before the written walkthrough you will find both Parts 1 & 2 of the video guides.

Poptropica Cheats for Astro Knights Island Part 1

When you first get to the island, drop to the ground and go right until you get to the fountain. Jump to the second pool of water and you will find a Golden Coin. Now enter the building to your left. You will have to give the guy at the door the Golden Coin to enter and he will give you a Museum Pamphlet. Click on the books to your left and the man at the door will then give you a library book slip. Now exit the building.

Go all the way right until you exit this section. Go through the empty section as well. Now go right until you get to the door in the picture below and enter it.

When you enter these doors, go left and enter the first door you see. Then go right and talk to the lady. Ask her where she took the messages. After she tells you, go right over to the chest and you will find a secret message there. Now exit the room and go right and enter the room on the right side of the entrance. Run all the way to the left side of this room, jump up and you should see a glowing yellow light on a green book. Grab the book which is The Mystical Weapons of Arturus. Now go back towards the door and then go down the stairs to your left again. When you get just past the book case there is a secret, a stair case should open going into the floor. Enter it!

When you get down the stairs go right. Pick up the moldy cheese laying on the ground. Continue right and hit the switch next to the barred door. You must hit this switch! Do not forget!

Now go back up the stairs and leave the room. When you exit the room, go up the stairs to your right and then up the stairs to the left. Enter the door up there. Now run right until you get to the king and queen. Talk to the queen and ask her if she can think of anything else that will help you.

The queen will give you some coordinates after you talk to her. Now go back to the left and exit this room. Go back to the room that was just left of the entrance on the main floor. Walk over to the bed, take out the moldy cheese from your menu and lay it on the ground. The mouse will run over to it. You will then catch the mouse! Now exit this room and then exit the castle through the main doors. That’s it for part 1!

Walkthrough & Cheats for Part 2 of Astro Knights Island

When you get outside the main castle, run right until you get to the next section of the island. Run through the empty section as well. You should now see two people standing on either side of a put out fire. Talk to the one on the right and he will give you a Bag of Manure. Now run right until you get to the Ye Olde Rumour Mille and enter it.

When you get in this room, go to the left, jump on top of the hay bales, then to the shelf and finally up to the gears. Now jump to the platform in the middle. Finally jump to the rope you see on your right. This will lift the rod off of the gears. Drop down off the rope to a platform with a lady standing on it. Talk to her and give her the secret message. She will then give you the Cosmic Symbols.

Now exit this building and go to your right and you will see some rope on the water wheel. Grab that rope! Now run all the way back left until you get to the castle a few sections back. When you get to the castle, jump up right baove the doors to the big bow and arrow and pull out your Coil of Rope. Now you need to point the arrow at a door to the left. Use the pictures below to see where you need to aim it and what you are aiming at!

After you hit the door with the arrow, jump on the rope, run to the door and enter it. Run all the way to the left and there will be a note on a chest. Grab the Princess’ Note. Now jump down to the ground and read the note. After you have done this, run left back through a few sections until you get to the Museum which is past the water fountain where you first entered Astro Knights Island. Enter the Museum and go left. Jump up to the second floor and walk over to the bed. You will find a Missing Page from Mordred’s Journal under the bed.

Part 3 of the Walkthrough

Now exit this building and go right until you get to the fountain. Click on the sun you see on this fountain. You will have to do a little mini game here. I will cheat a little bit and tell you my secrets though.

  • First click on the moon.
  • Then the planet in the upper left hand corner.
  • Next the star in the upper right hand corner.
  • Finally the sun in the middle!

The fountain will stop. Enter the passage that opens up. When you get to the bottom of this passage, talk to the 5th guy on your right wearing a purple robe. He will give you a Small Key. Now leave this room the way you came.

Run right through a few sections past the castle to the next section until you get back to the two hay bales on the ground between the rocks. Follow the secret steps below.

  • First push the two hay bales all the way over to the right.
  • Now jump on top of them.
  • Push the left hay bale over to the left.
  • Take your small key out and use it to open the entrance there and go down it!

You should now be in an area like in the picture below.

Jump down and run over to the owl. You need to scare it so it flies out of this area! Once you have done that, leave this room. When you get back to the hay bales, jump on the one to your right and open your item menu. Release your mechanical mouse! The mechanical owl will eat it! The owl should now follow you around. Now go back down the entry between the hay bales, run to your left and grab the purple book on the chair. This will be Mordred’s Journal.

Now run to your left and push on the rock wall until it breaks. Continue left and when you come to the end you will see a space you can enter in the background. Enter it! You should now be in an area that looks familiar from earlier! This is why you had to hit the switch way up in the walkthrough!

The robot will explode in front of you and something will be blown to the other side of the gate. Now run to the gate and then point and drag your owl towards the green thing on the ground. Your owl will then go get the green Fuel Rod for you!

Now exit this area as well as the next so that you are in between the hay bales again. Now run to the windmill to your right. This part is a little tricky. You need to jump on the different blades of the windmill until you get it turning fast enough to open the top. Here is a little secret for you. Start on the blade on your left, when it gets down towards the bottom, jump to the one above you. Keep doing this until you hatch on top of the windmill is open far enough for you to enter!

When you get into this room, pull out your Bag of Manure from your items menu. This will power the hover craft that you see! It will leave the room. Now leave the room and jump down to your right by the wheel in the mud. The hover craft will be right there! Jump on it.

Now go right until you get to the crashed alien space ship in the mud. Jump on it and then place the green fuel rod in the bottom left hand corner in the slot to the right under the launch button. Now close this screen, open your items menu, and look at the missing page from Mordred’s Journal.

You will see the coordinates (56, 52) on this letter. Remember those! Now go back to the alien ship and replace the fuel rod into the empty slot again. Now on the two dials above the launch button, twist them until you get the dial coordinates you read in the journal page! Now press the launch button!

You will start traveling somewhere but your fuel rod will get depleted! You will crash land on an alien planet that looks like the moon. Once here run right until you get to the floating platform like in the picture below.

Ride this platform to the doors above you and enter them. Talk to the alien on the left and ask him how you can get off this planet. Now exit this room and drop down to the ground to your left. Walk over to the machine that says “Create Your Own Rocket”. Click on this machine. Now click the random button until you get to the rocket like the one below! This is the rocket that I used at least. I am sure you can pick any rocket you want and the results will be the same! Now hit the done button in the top right hand corner.

Now enter your rocket and go to the control panel in the middle and pull the launch lever! You will need to use the card in your bottom right hand corner and go to the coordinates it says. The first coordinates I went to are (15, 15). To get there you will have to go diagonally up and to the left a ways. You will see the coordinates changing in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Make sure you keep an eye on them so you know if you are going the right way.

Poptropica Walkthrough for Astro Knights Part 4

When you land on this planet, get out of your rocket and jump all the way to the ground. Run right a bit and you will see a concrete platform with a grey and greenish rod on it. Grab that rod which will be a Laser Lance!

Now use the purple flowers to get back up to the platform where your rocket was. Now wait for the swinging platform on the right and jump to it. Wait till it swings all the way to the right and jump onto the next swinging platform. Now do the same thing to the next one. When that gets all the way to the right jump to the platform without hitting the green hanging guy. Now run to the next section.

When you get to the green armored man, ask him what you should do. Now jump to the rope on your right and use the eggs to get across the next area. Watch out for the birds popping up! When you get to the last egg, jump up to the cage and it will open! You may need to click on it. You will now have to fly the horse and play a little mini game.

You must dodge all the birds and you can even shoot them if you want. You will also need to watch out for the lighting bolts. When you get to the end you will have to defeat the red phoenix! When he is in front of you, shoot him. He will then disappear and go behind you. Here is a little cheat for you! Fly as low to the bottom of your screen as you can to dodge his shots! When he goes back to the front of you shoot him again.

You should now have defeated the red phoenix! You will now walk back to the green armored man and he will tell you he is going to help you in your search for the princess. When you get back to your rocket hit the launch switch and its time to go to the next coordinates (83, 20). The planet should look like the one below.

When you land on the planet, exit your rocket and go right but do not fall in the lava! You are going to have to jump on the rocks that the volcanoes are shooting up in the air. When you get to the sixth one, wait till it gets at its highest point and jump to the volcano above you and enter it. This part is tricky. Every few second there will be a yellow light that goes by and if you get caught in it you will have to start all over. Be patient when going down here. Follow the steps below to walk you through this area.

  • From the first ledge, wait for the yellow light to disappear and jump down and run to your left dropping down to the ledge you see there.
  • Wait for the yellow light to disappear again and then jump down and run to the left hiding under the ledge there.
  • Wait for the light again and then  jump up and run to the left dropping down to the ledge there. (You are basically running to the source of the yellow light!)
  • Wait for the light and then run right dropping down to the hole to protect yourself from the right.
  • Jump up and continue right dropping down to another hole to protect yourself from the light.
  • Now jump up and go right jumping up to the second platform. Wait for the light again.
  • Now jump up and go to the right and jump all the way down to the bottom here. You will now be in the clear of the yellow light!

Now you should be going left. Continue this way until you get to the man in the red armor. Ask him what you should do now. He will give you an Ice Arrow. and tell you a beast is holding the princess captive.

Now enter the new section to your left. Jump up to the chain you see above you. Climb to the top and make your way all the way to the other side of the Dragon using the chains. Now drop down on the other side of the dragon and run over and hit the switch you see on the dragon!

Now run to the front of the dragon and use your Ice Arrow and shoot him in the mouth. Now jump to the chain again ad make your way to the other side of the dragon once again. Watch out for the falling rocks! Hit the switch again and run to the front of the dragon. Hit him with another Ice Arrow. Repeat this one last time and the dragon will fall into the lava!

Now you will find yourself back in the rocket. You now need to go to the final coordinates which are 73, 83. You need to go straight down with your rocket to get there. When you get close a shark rocket will try to destroy you! You need to change your direction and head to the coordinates 87, 49 making sure this rocket follows you. When you get to those coordinates there will be a black hole. Make sure the shark rocket gets caught in it but you do not! Now head back to the coordinates 73, 83. When you get here there will be two more shark rockets that you need to bring to the black hole and destroy! Once you have done this go back to the coordinates 73, 83 and you will be able to enter the planet!

Astro Knights Island Part 5

Exit your rocket and go right making sure to use the ice as platforms and not falling into the water. When you get to the other side, enter the new section. Now you need to jump to the top of this ice covered mountain until you get to the guy in the picture below.

Ask him if he can help you. He will give you a Force Shield. Now its time to battle the panther helicopter! All you need to do is hit him a couple times with the ice chunks he drops from his helicopter. Your Force Shield will bounce them back up. Just don’t get hit by anything to many times or you will have to start over!

Once you beat him you will end up back on your rocket. Hit the launch switch. You need to go to the left to the coordinates 12, 81 which is right in the middle of an asteroid belt. If you are at the right place you should see the place like in the picture below. Enter that place!

Part 6 – The Adventure is Almost Over

Now exit your rocket and go right. a bit and then jump all the way to the top of this planet! You will see a sword stuck in a stone with writing on the wall. Your recruited armored men should be there as well. Pull the sword out of the stone and then enter the swirling circle that appears.

Drop down to the ground and you will find the princess! She will take the three mystical weapons from you. Wait! It was a trick. You will now see a grey wall. Click on it and it will become a puzzle or mini game. Keep clicking on squares until you get all the pieces turned over! I’m not going to cheat and tell you how though.

When you complete the puzzle, it will turn into a door! Enter that door. Now its time to battle King Mordred! Instead of stepping you through this, I will post a video showing you how to beat it! It will be much easier than trying to explain it!

When you defeat him you will receive 100 credits and a gold medallion! How did my walkthrough guide of Astro Knights Island help you!?




  4. On the written walkthrough, it says to find the cheese for the mouse, but on the video you don’t show where to get the cheese! Where is it? :-/

    • Same! I didn’t get the ‘finding cheese’ bit and the hidden staircase!Please could you show this in the video?

      • the hidden staircase is in the library in the bottom click the middle shelf and go down the staircase and you will see cheese then click the lever which is right by the bar doors (it will come in handy later on) hoped i helped 🙂 oh and add me my username is 123pizza654 no capitals and no spaces bye

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  9. Wait, you do! So sorry.

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    • the trick is to jump when the rocks are bout to go downwards it lessens the gap

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