Poptropica Big Nate Island Walkthrough & Cheats – Parts 1 & 2

Poptropica’s Big Nate Island looks a lot different than the rest of the islands you will see in the game. It is based on the the comic Big Nate. All you need to do is find a hidden time capsule from 100 years ago. Seems simple enough right?! Follow the step by step written walkthrough guide below and it will be that simple! You can also check out the video walkthrough at the bottom of the page if you prefer that.

Big Nate Island Guide Part 1

When you first get to the island talk to the first guy you see on the right. Ask him who he is and he will tell you he is Big Nate. Now run right until you get to the Komix Shop. Go right a bit until you get to the guy standing by the Book Nook sign. He will tell you that if you bring him the full Big Nate Comic, he will give you a reward.

Exit this shop and run left to the Pop-In Shop. Jump up two platforms and go left a bit and you will find the first part of the Big Nate Comic. Now exit the Pop-In Shop.

Now run right all the way up a flight of stairs to the Say Cheese Shop. Jump on the desk to your right and then jump up and to the right to grab another piece of the comic like in the picture below. Exit this shop now.

When you exit this shop go right just a bit and there will be a tall brown electricity pole. Jump to the top of this pole. There will be another part of the comic there. Now jump down and run right and leave the Business District. Run through the next empty section as well.

Continue right and enter the school that says knowledge above the door. Run u the stairs to your right and there will be yet another part of the Big Nate Comic there. Now jump to the left and enter the Science Lab. All the way to the left above Mr. Bones there will be another part of the comic. Now exit the school.

When you get out of the school jump to the top of it using the window ledges. Run to your right a bit and drop down to the platform there and you will find another piece of the comic. After you get that, continue right into another section of the island. Pass through the empty section and you should be right next to the climbing wall. Make your way to the top of the climbing wall by using the playground and there will be another section of the comic blowing around in the wind. Wait till it gets above you and jump up and grab it.

Now exit this section all the way to your right. You should now be at Puffin Point. Go to the lighthouse to your right and climb all the way to the top of it. You will find a comic strip there as well. Now go to the telescope and look through it. Scroll to the right and you will see something on a rock! After you have spotted it, exit the telescope and go to the left side of the lighthouse and jump straight down. You should find an Old Photograph blowing in the wind.

You should now have all of the comics for this strip. You can open your comic and place them in the correct order. They should look like the picture below.

Now go all the way back to the beginning where you talked to the guy that said he would give you a reward for the comic. He’s at the Komix Shop. He will give you a Pack of Stale Gum for getting all the Big Nate Comic pieces.

Now exit the shop and run right until you get back to the Say Cheese shop. Run left and talk to the guy standing there. Give him the Old Photograph for some Scuba Gear. Exit the shop, run right and leave the Business District again going through the empty area as well. Enter the school again. Go to the scinece lab, go left a bit and a mini game will pop up. (If it doesn’t, click on the glass sitting on the work bench.)

When the mini game pops up follow the step by step guide below.

  • Turn the nob to 3
  • Pour the blue cylinder into the glass about half way up
  • Pour the yellow cylinder into the glass the rest of the way

You have created a Stink Bomb! Now exit the lab and go left and you should see an over flowing locker. Click on it. You have to break the code! Here is a cheat for you, the code is 9305!

The locker will explode out at you! Run back to the locker and you will find a School Blueprint there. Now run to the bottom floor just passed the door to the white paper on the wall. Now open your items menu and take out your gum. A lady will scold you. Walk over to her and talk to her. She will put you in detention.

Now open your items menu and take out your Stink Bomb. Place it on the ground and she will leave. Now walk over to the file cabinet to your right, open it and go down the entrance. First hit the light switch on the right of where you landed and then walk to your right. Jump up onto the work bench, then jump up again and grab the goldish ball. Its a Bell Clapper! Now exit the way you came in! That’s it for part 1!

Big Nate Island Walkthrough Part 2

You should now be standing outside the filing cabinet. Exit the detention center and the school. Run right out of this section of the island as well as through the next empty section. Run through the playground to Puffin Point. Now run past the light house to the dock. Open your items menu and put the Scuba Gear on. Jump into the water and enter the Oyster Beds. Swim all the way right and as far down as you can to find a Lobster Trap.

Now get out of the water and talk to the old guy on the dock. Tell him you have his trap. He will give you Lobster for returning it. He will also give you Jet Ski Keys! Now jump to the top of the light house all the way to the light. Go to your item menu and use your Lobster. Something will happen!

Now jump down to your right and get on the jet ski in the water. You will have to race Big Nate to the end! Here is a secret: when riding the jet ski, watch out for the eggs that the birds drop and make sure to jump over all the objects in the water. Staying to the front of the screen and jumping constantly will unsure that you beat Big Nate!

Once you get to the end, run right until you get to the spot in the picture below.

Jump to the platform above you that you see in the picture and push the seal all the way to the left of the tilting rock. A Scroll will appear under that platform. Jump off the platform and go grab that Scroll! Its the Map to Capsule! Now go back to the left and exit this area which will take you back to the light house.

Go all the way back through the levels of the island until you get to the school Jump to the top of it all the way up to the bell. Open your items menu and take out the Bell Clapper. Now jump to the ground and exit this area to back to your right making your way to the play ground. Jump to the top of the playground to the Kids Only house and enter it.

Walk to your left a bit to where it says “Go To Jail”. You will have to play another mini game! Here are some secrets!

  • Guess A first
  • E second
  • R third
  • Then T
  • Then comes C
  • And finally H

You will get Peanut Butter Crackers for guessing the word CHARACTER. Now exit the Kids Only house and jump to the ground. Now place your Peanut Butter Crackers on the ground. The dog will come over and grab them and dig something up. Its a treasure! You have done it! You will now get 100 credits and a gold medallion. How did my step by step walkthrough help you get through Big Nate Island?! The video guide can be found below as well.

  1. it works great for me.Thanks!!!!!!

  2. DISCLAMIER!! on go to jail or whatever not all are chacter just saying

  3. it really helped. thanks

  4. how do you get rid of the seagull?

    • To get rid of the seagull, you go to Puffin Point, go to the top of the lighthouse, take out your lobster, and move the light to shine in the seagull’s face!

  5. TAT WAS A AWESOME ISLAND!!!! When i got to the seagull part it was hard. But thanks anyhow.

  6. it was an easy island i didnt need this but thanks anyways

  7. I’ve done everything, but the dog won’t dig up tresure

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