Poptropica Base

Poptropica base can refer to a few different things in the game.  The most common are the bases found on some of the islands.  As you go through the islands, you will find various bases that you must enter in order to complete the challenges.  These bases can sometimes be difficult to get through so check out our walkthroughs for tips!

Another thing it might refer to are base drawings for Poptropica characters.  These are blank or “base” models of the Poptropica character which you can edit or change to make them look how you want.  Each player starts out with a base character when they begin the game and can choose how they want it to look.  Below are some pictures of Poptropica base characters.

Finally, Poptropica base can mean the base code that the game is built on.  Some people have tried to hack into this code but it is very hard and can get you banned from the game.  We do not recommend trying to to hack into the base code.  Instead, check out our cheats and tips to help you with the game!

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  1. I need to find the key to the shark tooth journal but i dont no where it is canyou tell me where it is!!!

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