Poptropica App Tutorial – Find The 8 Missing Shards

Hey everyone! I have just gotten the free Poptropica App for my iPad and am digging into all of the fun things now! Before you actually get to the islands themselves, Poptropica has put together a little tutorial to get you used to how the game works! In this tutorial there are 8 Shards that you will need to find!

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I am going to put together a small walkthrough guide which you can find below. Also, there will be a walkthrough video that I will get on here as soon as possible! Need to find 6 shards! Its pretty fun but a few of the shards are kind of hidden.

When you first enter the game, you will have to choose that you are a new player. You will then need to customize your character. Once you have done these two things, you will be thrown right into the tutorial.

There are two sections to the tutorial,  in the first section, you will find 5 of the shards. The hardest one to find is under the water (see the video if you cannot find it!) otherwise the others are in the wide open! Just make sure to go up and down ladders and other objects when you can!

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In the second section, you will find the last 3 shards. One is on top of the crashed plane right next to the broken windmill. It can be kind of hard to get because the jumping on the app is a little buggy still!  The second is just to the right of the first on the ground. To get the third, you will have to take the lift or elevator thing to the top. Just jump up and grab the shard when you see it!

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That’s it! You can now exit this section and you will be at your “Home” right next to your blimp!

Like I mentioned earlier, the game is still a bit buggy but besides that seems like an awesome concept! I hope this helped you find all of the shards! Keep coming back for the Poptropica App Island Walkthroughs when I get them up!

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  5. Could you please do a walkthrough on the survival island on the app? I’m unable to blow into my ipad to start the fire!

  6. I already did it without this but this is still good help

  7. Hey guys! How do you get out of your parashoot on survival island?

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    I already completed the whole thing on the ipad

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