Poptropica App for Google Play is now available!


Hey everyone! It’s here! All you Android fans out there, I’m sure I’m not the only one saying this, but I’ve been waiting months for the Poptropica App to come out on Google Play and it’s finally here! I almost forgot to tell you this, it’s FREE! Just download the app from Google Play to play! Also with the app comes some amazing islands, costumes, and features! Here’s a list of all the stuff on the app!

Disclaimer: Islands with * after them are available with in-app purchase, which means you have to buy it for $0.99.



Survival (5 part series)

  • Episode 1: Crash Landing
  • Episode 2: Hook, Line and Sinker
  • Episode 3: Distress Signal
  • Episode 4: Cabin Fever
  • Episode 5: Escape!*

PoptropiCon (3 part series)

  • Episode 1: Line Forms Here*
  • Episode 2: Spoiler Alert (COMING SOON)
  • Episode 3: Unknown Name (COMING SOON)

Mission Atlantis  (3 part series)

  • Episode 1: Into the Deep
  • Episode 2: Fortress of the Deep
  • Episode 3: Out of the Blue*

• Mythology Island

• 24 Carrot Island

• Time Tangled Island


  • Visit the Shop on the home scene for FREE Halloween costumes!
  • Customize your Poptropican with the Costumizer! Find other characters in the Islands and click the Green T-Shirt in the Menu to update your clothes and look.
  • Save as many as 30 of your favorite looks in your Costume Closet to find them again later! Visit the New You building on the home scene to find many amazing costumes to build your own look!


  • Customize up to 6 Costumes
  • 6 Amazing graphics and art
  • Full soundtrack and sound effects

I hope you all enjoy the app and have a Happy Thanksgiving!




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