PopComics Island sneak peek & Poptropica Realms ad!

Hey everyone! Remember a few posts ago where I showed a sneak peek of an unknown island, I was debating it was for an upcoming (but not officially announced yet) Poptropica Comic Island? Well, they posted another sneak peek on twitter & it looks like the other sneak peek’s bg! The sneak peeks they are showing makes it really look like there is going to be an island for Poptropica Comics, but the creators said it’s either going to be a Bonus Quest for Galactic Hot Dogs or an ad.


The creators also posted on twitter about Poptropica Realms. It appears they already made the graphic for the advertisement on the sidebar while you are playing Poptropica. From what I can tell Poptropica Realms will come out on January 15, 2015, so look forward too that!


Anyway, that’s it! Hope you have a great Christmas Eve! 🙂


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