Cheats for Time Tangled Island – Poptropica Walkthrough Parts 1 & 2

Time Tangled Island, or what used to be known as Time Twisted Island lets makes you go back to different periods of times in order to fix the future. All you need to do is find a bunch of objects throughout time and bring them back to the future! Follow the help guide below to walk you through the whole level! I do not do the time periods in order so read carefully or just […]

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Poptropica Shark Tooth Island Walkthrough & Cheats

This full Shark Tooth Island written cheat guide will help you through every part of this adventure! Shark Tooth Island is one of the first and easiest islands to get through. All you have to do is rescue Professor Hammerhead as well as a young buy who both are trapped on a small island in a place called Booga Bay. If you have any questions about it, leave a comment below! Otherwise, enjoy the step […]

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Early Poptropica Island Cheats & Walkthrough Guide

Early Poptropica Island is one of the first and easiest islands to explore when first starting to play Poptropica. The basis behind this island is helping some settlers find a few items that just so happened to be stolen by thieves. Below I will walk you through how to recover these items along with tell you about all the Early Poptropica Cheats and Secrets. So lets get to it! You can either watch the video walkthrough guide below […]

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Get a Free Poptropica Membership or Promo Code 2018

Memberships on Poptropica are not free but without one, you are missing out on some pretty cool stuff! A Poptropica Membership in 2018 gives you a bunch of exclusive features such as: The ability to store up to 30 costumes in your closet. Access to every single gold card that is available in the store. Early access to all the islands on Poptropica. How awesome would it be to be one of the first people […]

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How to get Free Credits on Poptropica 2013

Everyone always says that there are no free ways to get credits on Poptropica. That is not entirely true. There are a few ways to get free credits that you might already know about but there are also a few that you may not know about. Below I will explain most of the ways to get free credits without having to hack the game or be liable to get your account closed down. The easiest […]

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How to Create a Room on Poptropica – Walkthrough Guide

Making a room within Poptropica is fairly simple. Follow the step by step guide below and you will have no problem with it. First you need to be playing the game or be in the world of Poptropica. Once you are in the game, click on the golden star which you will find in the top right corner of your screen. A window will pop up with three tabs: Stats, Store & Stuff; click on […]

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