Poptropica Night Watch Island Bonus Quest – Walkthrough & Cheats

Here’s the complete guide for the the bonus quest on Night Watch Island, hopefully by using this you will be able to find all 9 cards in the game!

Night Watch Island Bonus Quest Full Video Walkthrough

Without further wait, here is the full walkthrough guide video for the bonus quest on Night Watch Island.  There is also a step by step guide with pictures below.

Step by Step Night Watch Island Bonus Quest Cheats

1) The owner of Sluggers approaches you and says there has been another robbery!

2) He tells you there are 9 cards scattered throughout the mall and you must find them.

3) The first card is in the Jolly Gifts Shop, click on the can next to the cash register.

4) The second card is located in the Pet Shop inside of the piranha tank.

5) Go upstairs to find the third card inside of the In The Now Store.  The card is located in the large speaker to the left of the manikins.

6) Next go into the Sports Center.  This one is a bit more complicated.  You need to pick up a baseball bat then turn on the pink ball machine by clicking on it.  Then you run back over to the plate and stand directly in front of it, NOT on top of it.  Press the spacebar to hit the baseballs as they fly out of the machine.  Once you hit one, it will knock the card down from the shelf.

Step 2:

7) Now head to the big fountain in the middle of the mall.  Jump up to the very top of the fountain to find the next card for the night watch island bonus quest.

8) You can jump right over to Space Time Pizza and get the next card.  It is under the right pile of dough on the counter.

9) Go over to the Sizzle Tanning Salon at the right side of the mall.  The card is located inside of the first tanning bed.  You must change the tanning settings to the lightest yellow color to get the card.

10) Now go upstairs to Slumber Town.  Jump on the curved purple mattress that is right above the front door.  The card will fall out after you jump on it so just jump up there again to grab it.

11) The last card is located outside of the mall.  Go to the security office, then go outside.  Jump up the outside of the building by jumping onto the window ledges.  Once you reach the top of the mall, go to the left side and you will see the card on top of the glass dome roof.

12) Now go back inside the mall and head to Sluggers on the right side of the mall.  The store owner will thank you for finding his cards and reward you with an old fashioned baseball uniform.

If you follow this walkthrough you should be able to find all the hidden cards! Leave me a comment and let me know what you guys all thought of Night Watch Island and the bonus quest!



  1. Thx! I had been searching inside the mall for that last card… it never occured to me that it would be outside…

  2. how did you get the cat burgurler costume im not a member so im anxious

    • you cant get the cat burgerler costume if your not a member

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