New Virus Hunter Item & Non-Member Release Date

Hey everyone!

There’s a new Virus Hunter item available on main street!  The Virus Hunter Ship Follower item is now available from the vending machine.  Members can click the bottom right button on the vending machine to get this special item!


The ship follower will only be around for another few days so be sure to pick your up before it disappears!


When you equip the ship follower, you’ll see the Panacea will follow you around wherever you go.  Now you can stay virus-free anywhere in Poptropica!


Now here’s what all of you non-members have been waiting for, the release date of Virus Hunter Island for everyone!  Virus Hunter will be available for everyone to play on Thursday, September 26th! 

Now you’ll all be able to explore the latest and greatest Poptropica island!  Chances are you’ve already heard about this new island and some of the new features but in case you haven’t, here are a few of the main one:

  • New bigger screen
  • Sound!
  • New upper menu and options
  • A totally new island to explore
  • Tons of new gadgets and items to use

Those are just a few of the new features to expect on Virus Hunter Island.  Click here for a full written and video walkthrough guide for Virus Hunter Island!

Members remember to get all of the special items while you can, they’ll disappear on September 26th!  Everyone else, what are you most excited for on Virus Hunter Island?  Let me know in the comments!


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