New Time-Tangled Island Update Released!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday they announced on the Creator’s blog that the new and improved version of Time-Tangled Island is now available!  Time-Tangled Island is now equipped with sound and a larger screen, just like 24 Carrot Island!


If you have never played through Time-Tangled Island, I highly suggest you check it out now!  It was fun with a small screen and its even more fun now with the big screen!  This new improved island is one you wont want to miss…



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  1. my name is hannah and i think that this island is very cool i highly recomend this island to go on it has a chat room and every thing and know that they came up with the second island i think it is really cool i think you should check it out. this is the best island ever and you should check it out is you are reading this i like how they came up with make your own island. i made on but it did not turn out so well but who ever made this island is a awesome person ,but the most cooler person is the person that made poptropica up this is a safe web site for kids like me and should always know your password and username you could keep it on a piece of paper so you dont for get it or write on your hand and you can memorize it and things like that so ya so i am going to the store and get a ipod charger so have to go bye.

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