New Promo Code and Virus Hunter Outfit

Hey everyone!

There’s been a bit of news since I last posted.  First of all, there is a brand new promo code: POP6BIRTHDAY.  This promo code unlocks an exclusive Applebees apple pie costume.  Try it out and see for yourself!


In addition to the new Applebees costume, there is a new Virus Hunter costume available for everyone!  It’s called the Scifi Doctor costume and you can get it from the vending machine on main street in Virus Hunter Island.  Anyone can get the costume, not just members!  Get it fast though, it will only be available for a few more days!


Just go to Virus Hunter Island main street and click on the vending machine to get your costume.


Who all has played Poptropica: Forgotten Islands yet?  I’ve been busy updating the guide for Poptropica: Forgotten Islands all week.  Check it out to see how to beat all of the Forgotten Islands quests!


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  1. on poptropica i want the virus hunter costume

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