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While going through the Mythology Island Walkthrough, you will have to solve some very tough puzzles as well as battle Zeus in the end of the island which is also pretty tough!

To start Mythology Island, you first have to do something before entering the underworld in which Hades rules. You need to find a pomegranate to leave as an offering in Hades’ Temple. To find the pomegranate, you need to go to the Garden of the Sphinx. Once you get to the island, it is to the left over a bridge.

Follow the walkthrough guide below and you should have no problem making your way through the whole island!

When you start the island, go to your left and enter the Museum of Olympus.  Walk to your right past the first two statues then jump up to the second level and pick up the red starfish.  Drop back down and exit the museum the way you came in.  Walk to the left.

Jump up the stairs after the first statue you see.  At the top of the stairs, you’ll jump up a tree.  Jump up the branches and over to the left side.  Use the red mushrooms to bounce up to the next branch.  Then jump up to the red rope and climb up it.

Once you reach the top go to your right and you’ll see a goat man with horns.  He tells you that you must find all 10 of his honey jars if you want him to help you find the golden apple.  They are scattered throughout the tree and you have one minute to find them all.

My best advice is just to jump around the tree on all of the branches to find them.  You can see where they are in the video.  Once you collect all of his honey jars, he will show you a path to the golden apple.  Jump up the branches and knock it down to collect it.

Then Zeus drops down and accuses you of stealing the apple of immortality.  He says you can keep it but you must do a task first.  Zeus leaves a scroll with 5 items you must find and return to him.

Jump down from the tree, back down the stairs you came up.  When you get outside, talk to the girl.  Respond “Thanks, anything else I should know?”  She says her brother Hercules might help you if you can convince him.  Go to the right to find him.

Keep going right until you pass a sign that says “Grove of Temples”.  After you pass that sign, you’ll see a big gold temple, go inside it.  Walk to your right until you see a sign for free reed pipes.  Take one of them.  Jump up to one of the female staues that is holding a reed pipe.

Ask her to teach you a song on your reed pipe.  She says you must prove yourself first.  Repeat the pattern of colors on the reed pipe to pass the test.  She teaches you the song and tells you to play it for Cerberus to make him fall asleep.  Walk to your left to exit the temple.

Go to your left when you get outside of the temple and walk all the way until you see a large woman with turkey feathers.  Jump up the stone wall to her right all the way to the top until you reach the pomegranate tree.  Take a pomegranate and jump down.

The woman will then threaten you unless you turn the water back on for her.  Jump back up the stone wall and climb up the rope that says Aqueducts.  Jump up and to the left across the gap.  Once you reach the other side, click on the bridge to reconnect it.

Then jump up to the next level of water chutes and connect the next bridge.  Finally, when you get to the top, switch the lever to turn the water on.  Then turn on the rest of the levers as you go down the water chute.  She rewards you with a rare flower.

Go to your left until you see the Minotaur sign then climb up the wall behind it.  Jump up to the minotaur in the wall.  He won’t let you in so look in your items and play him the song on the reed.  The correct order is blue, blue, green, yellow, yellow, red, blue, green.

The wall will open and you will enter the chamber.  Ask the bull for the ring in his nose.  Enter the labyrinth in the wall.  The labyrinth is a maze so it’s easiest to just watch the video to see how to get through it.  You’ll see a mouse and ask him to help you through the labyrinth.

Jump up and you’ll find some bones.  The puzzle says “take six, leave ten”.  You need to take six of the bones so that the remaining ones spell “TEN”.  The door will open, watch the video to see how to complete the rest of the maze.  Go through the door when you get to the end of it.

The next puzzle is a bunch of snakes coming out of the wall that you have to click on.  When you reach the end of the tunnel you talk to the bull again and you ask if you can have the ring in his nose.  He gives you the ring.  Walk to your right to exit the chamber.

Keep walking to the right, go past the gold temple until you fall off a cliff.  When you get to the bottom, click on the graffiti to clean it off the wall.  Help the guy clean the rest of the graffiti off the walls.  He gives you a Greek coin as a reward.  Enter the temple behind you.

Walk to the right and place your pomegranates on the pedestal.  The gate will open and you go through it.  Walk to the right until you fall off a really high cliff.  Tell the boat driver you’re ready to go.  Try to avoid the falling objects so you don’t fall off the boat.

When you get to the end of the river, take out your reed to play a song to the three headed dog.  The correct order is blue, green, yellow, blue, red, green.  The dogs will fall asleep and drop a sacred whisker.  Walk back to the left to get on the boat and exit through the doors on your way out.

Walk to your right and jump on top of the column as it rises from the ground.  Jump to the right when you get to the top and enter the temple.  Click on the altar next to the door and then take out your starfish.  Place your starfish on the altar and the door will open.

When you get to the beach, click on the blonde girl under the umbrella and tell her you need all the help you can get.  She gives you a test where you have to identify which god it is.  The first one is Ares, next is Hermes, then Aphrodite, then Artemis, and finally Hestia.  She rewards you with a touchscreen mirror.

Walk to your left then swim through the maze, see the video.  Swim over to the giant clam and time your jump so that you can get the sacred pearl from inside of it.  Drop down and enter the doorway to the left.  You will see a five headed beast.  Jump in the air when it strikes at you then land on its neck to stun the beast.

The beast will drop one of its sacred scales when you defeat it.  Take out your mirror and click on the top red area to teleport there.  Walk to your left and talk to the black haired girl.  She will give you a secret message to solve.  The message says “Whoever wields the five sacred objects will rule all of Poptropica”.

Zues comes down and steals all five items from you.  Walk to your right and enter Herc’s Hero Hut.  Tell him about your mirror.  Click on the green area to the right.  Go through the door after Hercules opens it.  Click on Hades and respond “thanks, what do I do with it?” then ask if he can stop him.

He gives you his crown then go back to Hercules.  Take out your mirror and click on the left purple area.  Swim down to the temple and talk to Poseidon.  Ask if he can stop him and he will give you his trident.  Leave the temple and swim back to Hercules.

Take out your mirror and click on the top red area.  Medusa pops out of the ground and freezes Hercules.  Run to the right and give your Greek coin to the trader.  He will give you a bag of wind.  Use it to boost you up to the platforms above.  You must jump up all the way to the top.

When you get to the top run to your right and Zeus will appear out of the dark.  You will use Hades crown and Poseidon’s trident to battle Zues.  Fly around shooting tridents at him.  Eventually he gives up and you drop down to receive your gold medal.  Congratulations!

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    Friend Me-ChildOfThe1TrueKing

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